Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought, Gratitude, Service

Thought Creates.
Gratitude Expands.
Service Inspires.

Most folks think of creating things and relationships and jobs and houses, etc.
Most folks look for purpose in a career or a way of making a living.
Most folks look at using their mind to make things happen their way.
Most folks imagine that they can use thoughts to control others.

We are here to practice using our minds.
We are here to realize we are creative.
We are here to recognize we have created what we have.
We are here to be responsible for our creations.

Let us begin to forgive our mis-creations.
Let us undo what is not happy and healthy.
Let us erase the memories of mistakes.
Let us release what we no longer want to be true.

Every thought creates a result.
Every thought creates an experience.
Thoughts create our feelings. 
Thoughts create our perceptions.

When we can manage our thoughts, we manage our feelings.
When we take responsibility for our thinking, we can change our feelings.
When we change our thoughts and feelings, we have control of our experiences in life.
When we are able to respond to our own thoughts with forgiveness and love, we heal.

Are you willing to be responsible?
Are you willing and able to respond to yourself and others with kindness and respect?
Are you willing to use your energy in positive and productive ways?
Are your willing to give up your addictions and dependencies?

It takes courage to choose no more drama in thinking and feeling, speaking and behaving.
It takes willingness to remove from your thoughts, words and actions everything that is not good for you.
It takes trust to let go of the learned habits and beliefs that are familiar, but unhealthy.
It takes discipline to live your life dedicated to serving only the best in you and in others.

We are here to use our minds and bodies as sources of inspiration and positive life energy.
We are here to teach our minds to think only love and our bodies to communicate only Love.
When we have mastered our minds and bodies, we are here to serve as loving reminders.
When we fully appreciate and enjoy our creations, we serve only and always Love for all.

And so it is.
Use your mind and your body wisely and well.
Inspire and be inspired with your true Service.
All else shall be given you as you have done for yourself and others.
Loving us all in our willingness to” serve us.”
Betty Lue