Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Truth Be Told

I am not perfect as a personality and human being.
I am perfect in my holiness and spiritual Essence.
My intention is always to do no harm.
Sometimes my thoughts, words and behaviors may have hurt.

I forgive myself for anything I have or will think, say or do which may hurt another.
I forgive myself for anything I might think, say or do that generates more fear, judgment or separation.
I forgive myself for anyways I have taught incorrectly with a misguided or false teaching.
I surrender everything I am and do, everything I think and teach, everything past, present and future to be used for good for All.

I realize that others will project on me their past history to restimulate those unhealed wounds and upsets.
I know that where there is LOVE, there is the opportunity to heal oneself.
I understand that I may be requested (unconsciously) to play parts that are not in my nature.
I accept the responsibility to forgive (erase with Love) everything that is not wholly Good and Loving.

I know my intention is Love, doing God’s Will and being a Healing Presence.
I accept my part in the Divine Plan.
I trust that I will be used as a vehicle for bringing forth all that needs to be healed.
I free myself to be the One Who Loves Me and You and All no matter what.

Sometimes I am perceived as judging.
Sometimes I am perceived as being ruthless.
Sometimes I am perceived as being insensitive.
Sometimes I am perceived as being imperfect.

I may act all these ways in others' perception.
And I forgive myself for believing what others think of me.
I may behave in ways that are not truly representing the Love I Am.
I forgive myself for believing I am bad, wrong, incomplete and inept.

I love myself the way I Am.
I value the ways I demonstrate God’s Love.
I appreciate my willingness to be helpful.
I enjoy my willingness to step out in trust.

I forgive us all for letting anyone or anything harm us.
I forgive us all for believing we are our thoughts, our words or our behaviors.
I forgive us all for allowing others' choices or opinions define us.
I forgive us all for forgetting we are Love ItSelf, Love in Action.

Forgive us all for our ignorance.
Forgive us for not instantly forgiving others' apparent errors.
Forgive us all for remembering what is false and forgetting what is true.
Forgive us all for withholding our Love and forgiveness from anyone.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I don’t have to worry or be cautious about what to say or do, because the Love in me will direct me.
I am content and happy being wherever I am, knowing Love is here with me.
I will remember my Healing and Holiness when I let Love teach me to see only Healing and Holiness.

I am loving you and me and all the best I know with as much awareness I have always with EveryOne.
And this is Good.
Loving me, loving you, loving all of us,
Betty Lue