Friday, October 02, 2009

Give Your Self To Love, If Love Is What You Want

You are a Gift of Love……………….
Perhaps feeling depleted?
Perhaps wrapped so tightly, no one can see the Love in You?
Perhaps afraid to Be the Love You Are?
Perhaps distrusting of what Love brings?
Perhaps losing yourself in unrequited Love for one other?
Perhaps hopelessly and foolishly giving your self to a Love that failed?
Perhaps grieving for a Loved One lost?

Loving is your Essence.
Love is the Life Energy in You.
Love is your way of creating.
Love is how to navigate through Life.

Learning to move through the obstacles is the value of consciousness.
Letting go of fear, resistance, painful memories, grievances and resentment is the work.
Healing, Clearing, Releasing, Erasing and Forgiving the past is essential to love again.
“Innocentize “ (sanitize your innocence) to remember what pure Love brings.

Surely Loving is better that fearing, hating, hurting and resenting.
Surely it is better to give Love and radiate what is Good than to wait for Love to come to you.
Surely you can find something or someone to Love to release the pain and pressure of not loving.
Surely you prefer a life of joy and empowerment, than a life of sorrow and depression.

Love really is more than the human mind understands.
For much of humanity, love is enticement and seduction, seeking pleasure and self gratification.
Most media portrays Love is something to seek, to get your needs made and fulfill your life.
Many people seem to think loving is about getting something in return, “giving to get”.

Human love encourages expectations and conditions.
Human love fails and disappoints us.
Human love has obstacles, challenges and difficulties.
Human love varies with moods, seasons, health, thoughts and feelings.

True Love is the energy from which we live and have our Being.
Real Love lasts for all time and eternity with steadfastness and constancy.
Pure Love knows no boundaries, no specialness, no neediness.
Perfect love is free of fear, unaffected by thoughts, feelings, obstacles or limitations.

To really Love is to give your whole self Life, Joy, Peace and Power.
To really Love is to Love your whole and holy Life.
To really Love is to fully realize your path and your purpose.
To really Love is to use everything as an invitation to give your Love fully and freely.

Breathe into the love you are.
Remember the joy of the first sunset.
Remember the freedom of running on the beach.
Remember the joy of pure ecstasy somewhere in your life.
Remember the Gift of Being the Real Love You Are.

Love anyway.
Love no matter what.
Love simply for the Joy of Loving.
Love works.
Love never ends.

I am loving you with passion, with purpose, without limit and without end.
Betty Lue

Note: Today to Petaluma for the Grand Two, Gia (11) and Sofia (almost 4).
Then to Hidden Valley Lake, to choose paint, carpet and more for the Reunion Lake House, a place for spiritual retreat…..You are invited, because we Love! No loving Reminders tomorrow, because we will not have computer….. Next week we are in San Diego Harbor on a houseboat sabbatical, so probably no computer. Always can be reached with the