Saturday, June 21, 2008

Full of Light!

Are you full of it?
Light I mean to say!
You are filled with water, they say.
But do you know that you have more space in you than matter.

We are mostly space, like 99% or more.
Talk about room for improvement.
That’s a lot of space for rearranging the furniture.
That’s a lot of space to fill with junk or with beauty.

So what?
If there is that much space inside of these bodies,
How about we commit to fill them with the best.
Fill yourself with the best ideas, the best foods, the best!

Let’s imagine that God is Light, pure and perfect light.
Let’s imagine that we are God’s Light and De Light.
Let’s imagine that we can fill the Light in us with anything we want.
The space inside can be filled with God Light or with stuff.

Take a breath and imagine you are breathing in pure Light.
You can feel the energy, the possibility the vitality and health.
And when you exhale, you know you are giving the best of Who You Are.
When you relate to others, you see yourself shining Light on everyone.

Take a breath and imagine you are breathing in human pollution.
You can feel the darkness, the toxicity, the fatigue and disease.
When you exhale, you are breathing our your fear and despair at the state of our environment.
When you relate to others, you can see how limited, lacking and futile life feels.

We are choosing to be filled with the Light of God and pure Goodness.
Or we can choose to be filled with the darkness of the human condition.
We can be the Light of the world or tell the painful truth of our pollution.
We can choose to bring gratitude and delight or guilt, fear and despair.

To clear the air is to undo despair.
To see the light is to shine really bright.
To know all is well we must Goodness tell.
To live in Love, we seek answers from above.

How willing are you to think only what is true?
The choice is to be filled with spacious and unlimited light
or clutter our minds, bodies, emotions and relationships with stockpiled historical stuff.

We are choosing.
Delighted to be here now in love,
Betty Lue