Friday, February 01, 2008

Adversity or Prosperity?

The ancient ones have said, “In times of adversity, cultivate yourself.
In times of prosperity, help the world.”

And so it is, that we commit to do our work.
There are changing seasons and situations and all require consciousness and clarity to respond rightly.
When we are committed to learn form life and contribute to life, we look forward to our response.
When we are open and willing, we are strengthened by the challenges and blessed by the gifts.

To be with life is flow with no attachment or complaint.
To act on life is active manipulation with controlled achievement and often disappointment.
To be acted on by life is passive entertainment, procrastination, laziness and reactive victimization.

Are we teaching our children and society to sit and be entertained, to be passive observers?
Are we learning from TV, video and the media that life is a game which matters only on a flat screen?
Are we ready to face life as though all life and every response and interaction matters?

Life is a gift of education and inspiration when we show up, pay attention and express our Truth.

I enjoy and bless all of life,
It is that which I Am.
I am here to clear the fear and celebrate what really Is,
Betty Lue