Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Is For the Highest Good?

I have encouraged you to listen within.
Forgive your conflicting thoughts, your learned beliefs, your false limitions and your need to blame and feel guilt.
Quiet your mind and listen within.
Write what your hear and feel and know.
Read it back when you are complete with asking questions and receiving answers.

How do I know?
The inner voice is quiet and assuring.
Your inner teacher is loving and kind.
Your spiritual guidance will be gentle and comforting.
There is no conflict in God.

When you receive spiritual guidance, you feel at peace.
There is relief and a sense of knowing all is well.
You are somehow quieted and given reassurance.
There is a feeling of being profoundly loved.

When yoy practice inner listening daily, you know.
Make an appointment for your highest good
Keep your agreement with your higher Self and spirit.
Give yourself to God and God will give to you.

When you keep your promise to trust in a Higher Power, your egoic mind chatter will learn to sit still and quiet itself. When you take the time daily to listen without distraction, your whole being comes to support this activity and spiritual practice. When you follow the Loving way you hear and feel, you become confident, peaceful and happy. This is how you know!

Loving you in loving You!
Betty Lue

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