Friday, April 20, 2007

Little Loving Kindnesses

It is the little things that count.
Bless the food you eat.
Smile at strangers.
Forgive others mistakes immediately.
Breathe deeply with gratitude.
Say please and thank you genuinely.
Give yourself permission to love yourself well.
Take time to enjoy life.
Make your home warm and beautiful for you.
Keep your finances impeccable.
Owe no one as quickly as you are able.
Be on time for appointments and engagements.
Value what you value by giving it your fully attention and appreciation.
Easily and quickly release what does not serve your happiness and peace of mind.
Trust all things are working together for your Good.
Pledge to give your best to those with whom you live and relate daily.
Give all little children your full attention for they deserve the best of you.
Do no harm with your thoughts, your words or your actions and fear will dissove.
Forgive your unconscious and conscious mistakes and unloving attitudes.
Trust that life is a school of remembering to Love and you cannot fail.
Open the door to your heart a little more each day, knowing that Love is the way.
Appreciate obviously what you want to grow and increase in the garden of your life.

This is our life. We can write the script and experience the rewards.
Give it your best and your yield will be plenty of happiness and inner peace.

Watching our garden of Love grow,
Betty Lue