Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is It Working?

When life works, we are happy.
When our communication works, we are in harmony.
When our right livelihood works, we always have plenty.
When our life balance works, we are healthy and at peace.

Do you know what to do when something isn't working?
Stop doing what no longer (or maybe never) works.
Stop believing, seeing and making up what isn't working.

Look at the whole situation thoroughly.
Look at your thoughts, words and activities.
Look at what really might be in your best interests.

Listen within.
Listen outside.
Listen for what might be a better way.
Listen and learn how you can make changes for improvement.

Our lessons and learnings come gently at first.
Our teachings and opportunities are subtle in the beginning.
To ignore what is obvious is foolish.
Take the time to stop, look and listen to find a better way.

When we get used to what has never worked, keeps us deaf, blind and ignorant.
When we avoid being honest with ourselves to avoid being wrong is a strategy for losing.
When we hope things will change, but are unwilling to consider changing, we are deluding ourselves.
It is important that life be a constant evaluation and reconsideration of what is effective and brings peace.

When we have conflicting egoic and learned goals, we can never win.
When we are wishing and hoping without action, we will be disappointed.
When we have constant anxiety and vulnerability, we are pretending to be OK.
When we acknowledge we do not know and cannot do it alone and need spiritual help, we are on our way.

Life is cleaning up and letting go of what doesn't work.
Forgive, erase and let it go.
Forgive yourself, your misinformed or ignorant teachers and choose again.
Seek the highest and best counsel.
Follow the path of peace and love.
Honor the spirit of true and lasting happiness within.
Be grateful for every step you take and smile.

Loving you,
Betty Lue