Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I am not a storyteller, because I don't remember the story. I remember what I value.
When I experience life, I seek to find LOVE. Learning to Love is what touches me.
When I hear a joke, it is the laughter and delight of the teller that reaches me and lifts my Spirit.
When I hear your story (your history), I get a picture of how you see and feel about yourself.
When I look at the world through human eyes (judging), I see what is believed and stuck with emotion.
When I look at my life, I see what I value and want to remember and I let the rest go with blessing.
The rest are experiences that have honed, shaped, strengthened and helped me to understand humanity.
All my life experiences, both negative and positive, represent my quest to remember only Love.

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the LOVE that sent me.

I don't have to worry about what to say or do, because the LOVE that sent me always directs me.

I am content to be wh
erever LOVE wishes, knowing that LOVE goes there with me.
I am healed and remember my HOLINESS, when I let LOVE teach me to heal my perceptions and see only HOLINESS.

Adapted from A Course in Miracles

Where we judge, we hold attack or expectation.
What we remember, we hold as investment or identification.
What we seek, we hold as carrot and silent motivation.
What we depend on, we hold as captive and savior for our survival.
What we crave, we hold as excuse and urgent distraction.
What we tell, we hold as gift and sacred message.

In truth, I tell what I am remembering, learning, creating, building and enjoying.
In truth, I share the highest gifts of inspiration and co-creation of which I am aware.
In truth, I own nothing, but rather allow everything to be perceived through forgiving eyes.
In truth, I forgive all to clear my vision and see what is whole and good and beautiful.
In truth, to see less that the gift within would give me nothing of value to give to you.

I am here to be truly and totally of service.
In serving my ego self, I care for the body/personality vehicle which serves the Greater Good.
In caring for my worldly tasks and responsibilities, I minimize distractions along my Higher Path.
In treating my family and friends with love and respect, I do honor to all humanity as my Self.

Indeed there is no time more special than this moment now.
There is no relationship of greater value than the one before me.
There is no place of more significance that the holy place on which I stand.
The gift of Healing is now.
The gift of Holiness is here.
The gift of Peace is All.

You are loved,
Betty Lue

To all you story tellers, I bless your good work.
Stories will be remembered for the message and the experience received by the teller and the listener.
So tell what you want to be remembered and valued.

What are
you searching for the the toy box of life? Are you having fun, yet?