Sunday, November 06, 2005

Church Anyone?

What is your "church"
Where do you go to remember?
Where do you go to think about how to Love?
What do you do to find a better way?
How do you get quiet enough to listen to your heart?
What inspires you to heal and grow the gifts inside of you?
What brings you to a greater sense of peace and wholeness?
Who lifts your spirit, opens your mind and encourages you to give of yourself?
How do you support yourself in remembering Love is the only true and lasting power?

Some go to a building with a community of people who believe as they do.
Some stay in bed and watch sports all day.
Some do chores around the house and play with their kids.
Some take excursions to places of interest.
Some read inspiring books.
Some have a home-based spiritual practice of yoga, meditation and prayer.
Some watch a TV ministry like Hour of Power.
Some contribute to their community by volunteering.
Some get on the phone and call those who are alone or in need.
Everyone must renew their Spirit with some form of inspiration and upliftment.

What do you do?
For me it changes, because I am "in church" everyday of my life.

All that I do has meaning for me and so I am inspired and renewed daily.
The love of God and Goodness is ever-present in all my relationships.
I practice the Presence and am willing to serve as I am guided always.

Today Robert and I take the twin babies to Treasure Island (by the Bay) to watch their Mom and Dad play in a triathlon. It will be a first for all of us. I am What a way to spend a day in Joy and Peace and Love.

Thank you God.
Betty Lue