Monday, April 11, 2005

What Is Paradise?

What is paradise, but an experience of all beauty, goodness and wholeness?
What is heaven, but an experience of all love and joy and peace?
What is home, but a place of safety, freedom and trust?

Consider that these holy places are sacred spaces of no fear, no worry, no doubt.
Consider that we need go nowhere or do anything but rather be here and undo what is not clear.

If thoughts create…
If all thinking is judgment…
If judgment is fear….
Then when we think with our ordinary minds, we are creating that which we judge and fear.

If Divine Mind is all knowing and all loving…
If the Mind of God is all powerful….
If only love is Real….
Then everything else is temporary, mistaken and an illusion.

What is the world you see?
What is the forgiven world?
What is true denial?
To forgive what the world sees and see with forgiving eyes is true denial of the illusion.

Paradise is the concept of a world with no fear, no disease, no lack, littleness or limitation.
Heaven is a Divine Idea of what can be now without our judgment and fear.
Home is our own inner sanctuary, where we know “All is well.”

I love knowing that I can choose the Grace of God and live in heaven here and now.
It is through total forgiveness and perfect love that all illusion dissolves into nothingness.
It is through true denial that anyone or anything can harm me that I know total safety and freedom.

I am willing to live in paradise and know my home is in the heaven and haven of my forgiving mind.
I am willing to enjoy a carefree life of seeing only holiness by realizing salvation comes from me.
I am willing to remember truth when others may still believe in false beliefs and misperceptions.
I am willing to surrender my thoughts and feelings to think with the Mind of God and feel only Love.

I see Your Essence. I know your Truth. I love the One You Are.
Betty Lue