Thursday, April 14, 2005

Perfect Happiness

Being Happy is our function here.
In spite of what the world teaches and expects of us…
Not work, not success, not health or wealth.
Not achievement, not service, not sacrifice or good deeds…
Being happy is our Creator’s Will for us.

Life really is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
Life is to celebrate by being fully alive with contentment and inner peace.

Being happy is naturally loving.
Being happy is always peaceful.
Being happy is intrinsically creative.
Being happy is a gift of joy to ourselves and to our world.

When we are not wholly happy, something is amiss.
When we are not truly happy, we have stepped away from our own best interest.
When we are not perfectly content, we have judged and dishonored our inner voice.
When we are not enjoying the moment, we are caught in the mind’s future projection or past pain.

I know that I have created my own path, made decisions according to the world’s ideas and separated from my essential Self, when I am not happy.
I know I have walked in this world as limited, lacking and belittled my self, when I am unhappy.
I know I have forsaken my purpose, my function and my goals in life, when I am discontent.
I know my reason for being here, my purpose and my function is to choose for happiness and peace.

Some struggle along the way, only to find happiness is just a thought away.
Some worry and fear everyday, only to discover that negative thinking interferes with happy choices.
Some hold anger and resentment as protection, only to learn these emotions perpetuate the misery.
Some believe that suffering and sacrifice are necessary to our path, only to experience they hide the way.

Life can be fun safe and easy by letting go of whatever is not fun, safe and easy.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy, when we trust that we are created to create what is good, beautiful and holy.
Choose the path of happiness today and see how blessed the world is along with you.
Be grateful for being willing to choose again for what our Creator wills for us.

Happy to be happy,
Betty Lue

Row, row, row your boat.
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.