Friday, March 18, 2005

What Is It Worth?

What is your life worth to you?
How do you invest in your own life?
What is your happiness worth to you?
How do you invest in your happiness?
What is your health worth?
How do you invest in your health?
What are your relationships worth?
How do you invest in them?

In this society of quick fixes and short term gratification, we often miss the opportunity
to create our lives with happiness, health and fulfilling relationships.

Investment requires vision, faith, desire, commitment, planning and action as well as appreciation.
Investing positive energy (time, money and resources) in what we want reaps what we envision.
Investing negative energy (worry, doubt, resentment guilt and fear) in what we don’t want reaps more negative energy and often what we fear.
If you want happiness, spend time, money and energy with happy people doing happy things and learning how to choose happiness everyday.
If you want health, spend time, money and energy being healthy (nutrition, movement, meditation, flowing your energy) rather than worrying, contracting, stressing and then taking drugs to handle the pain.
If you want harmonious relationships, learn about honoring differences, effective communication, conflict resolution and creative teamwork rather than waiting for crisis, conflict or irreconcilable differences.

We have an opportunity today, NOW, to choose for what we want.
Spend time, money and energy learning how to have what you want,
rather than waiting until you have lost your happiness, health and harmony.

Choose today.
It is your life.
Invest in it.

Loving you,
Betty Lue