Monday, March 28, 2005

All On Purpose

Recently, I was asked, when to let go of relationships that are difficult?
How long are we to sustain a relationship that is stressful?

And on the other side of that question is:
How can we let go of those we love dearly who have left this earth in what we call "death"?
How do we release those who die suddenly or without a long fulfilling life?

Everyone of us is with the ones we are given to heal, to love, to teach, to make amends.

We all have the relationships we need to do our spiritual work.

All is perfectly on purpose.

Life is good when we are doing the work we are here to do.

All relationships, brief or lifetime, marriage, family, friendship and strangers are for healing.
There are no chance encounters. When we are conscious and in love, we recognize that our presence can be healing or judging, loving or fearful, joyfully giving or trying to get what we believe we need.
All our relationships are an opportunity to heal wounded parts of ourselves and others.
All relationships are a gift, a mirror for ourselves, a chance to remember love and return to wholeness.
When we love, we will always love, no matter what the physical apparency.
To stop loving or withhold our love shuts down our life energy and brings sorrow and lack of peace.
Our nature is to love. Where we hold back our love, we deny our true essence.
Where we block or fear loving, we interfere with our purpose here.
Even in death, the regret we feel is often due to trying to shut down our Love, to let go of loving.
Life is for giving. It is only in giving the gift of Love we are to everyone we are given that we discover the abundant and unlimited gift of miraculous Love we are.
Love never ends. It merely changes form.

Some say God is in everything.
Some say it all is Good.
Some say we can find a gift and blessing in everything.
Some say everything always happens more perfectly than we can plan.
Some say life can be fun, safe and easy when we listen within.
Some say this life is a temporary experience of learning, loving and letting go.
Some say life is a karmic completion of unfinished business as our soul evolves into expanded awareness.

I simply live in Love with all those who come to mind, those who live in my heart, those who I know and those who know me.
I know Love is real and Eternal. Everything else is temporary and made up.
Remember Love and you will know Eternal Love.
Remember to Love and you will know a Good and Godly life.

Love is forever, even when we change the way we express our Love.

Loving you forever,
Betty Lue