Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spiritual Family

I have just written a Spiritual State of Our Union and Reunion message to those in our proclaimed spiritual family.

As I made the mailing list, I realized that you may want to be included as well,.
There are no limits to our family. We are all created by the same Love for the same purpose of loving.
We are one Family and everyone is equally important to the Good of the whole.
So I am inviting you to speak up, and let me know as you are guided.

The rights, privileges and responsibilities of being part of a spiritual or inspirational family are many.
To be part of a true family is to be joined in purpose, to be focused on the same vision or ultimate goal.
To be part of a spiritual family is to be honest, expressing oneself authentically without withhold or blame.
To be part of a spiritual family is to give and receive equally by always contributing the best you have.
To be part of an inspirational family is to commit to what is highest and best for each and every one.
To be part of a true family is to take full responsibility for your part in creating good in your relationships with guilt or blame, recognizing your thoughts, words and interactions make a difference to everyone.
To be a part of a spiritual family that is healthy happy and fulfilling requires a conscious consistent commitment to the highest Truth, living a faith-based life following spiritual guidance. and direction.

You cannot give your best if you are not living your best.
You do not know what is best for you, if you are sleeping on the job of living abundantly.
You cannot keep your agreements with others if you are not keeping your promises to yourself.
You cannot stay awake, if you are not taking impeccable care of your self and getting enough spiritual rest.
It is difficult to contribute to healthy relationships if you are not in a healing relationship with yourself.

I invite you to join our spiritual family to encourage and inspire you to live your life abundantly and faithfully. We are here to support one another to live joyfully and give our very best.

Currently I am renewing my spirit by returning to a fully committed faith-based and Spirit-guided life.
I am excited and delighted and open to the everyday miracles that come from the Source of All Good.

I am loving you and smiling on you and your life.
May you be fulfilled,
Betty Lue

Remember that these loving reminders are given to me as reminders for my life. If they have value to you, use them well. If they are not applicable simply let them go with ease and gratitude. I share them for the love of God and all that is Good in you and me and All.

Betty Lue