Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cleanliness Is Healing and Revealing

Whether cleaning the body, the mind or the space in which you live, you will benefit.

Some say that our outer environment reflects our inner space.
If our physical space is cluttered, it may reflect a cluttered mind.
When we have a cluttered mind, we may have difficulty with memory, learning and creativity.
When we have a cluttered home, we may have difficulty with memory, learning and creativity.
Congestion in any part of our lives will block the natural flow of energy.
Congestion on our roads hinders the flow of traffic.
Congestion in our digestive track hinders the flow of nutrients to our bodies.
Congestion in our work space may hinder our focus and productivity.
Congestion in a child’s room may hinder the flow of relaxation and play.
Congestion in living areas may hinder the free flow of conversation.
Congestion in hallways may block the flow of individuals to seek their ideal place to be.
Congestion in our closets and basements may feel heavy, burdensome and a weight.

When we have only as many things as we can care for well, we feel responsible and successful.
When we have only as many responsibilities as we can handle well, we feel successful.
When we have only as many primary relationships as we can love well, we feel happy.
When we have only as many bills as we can pay for honestly, we feel in integrity.
When we have only as much information as we can use beneficially, we feel knowledgeable.
When we have only as much stuff in our lives as we really value, we feel prosperous.

Clean out the cobwebs in your house and in your mind.
Clean out outdated papers from your files and from your mental archives.
Clean out the clothing and household goods that you have not used within the recent past.
Clean out the jackets, coats, boot and shoes that are no longer useful.
Clean out your extra linens and bedding to be given to those in need.
Clean out the tools and equipment from garage, basement and attic that you no longer use.
Clean out your cleaning stuff, prescriptions and bathrooms of out-dated and unused stuff.
Clean out your files, your desk, your library.
Clean out everything that no longer serves your life purpose and highest good.
Clean out your congestion, your excess, your environmental pollution.
Clean out what is no longer valuable and no longer brings peace and joy.

Let go and watch the flow open up.
Let go and allow inspiration to flow in.
Let go and be aware of how much gratitude you feel.
Let go and see what the open space invites into your life.
Let go and enjoy the relief and peace.
Let go and see the natural beauty and goodness in what really is valuable for you.

Whether fasting, purification of mind or cleaning my closets, I notice the freedom and gratitude I feel.
When stuck or congested, try cleaning.
Betty Lue