Friday, November 19, 2004

No One Is a Stranger

Where there is fear, everyone is a stranger.
Where there is judgment, no one can be trusted.
Where there is resonance, fear can be dissolved.
Where there is love, everyone is friend.

When you meet someone new, how do you relate?
When you visit an old friend, how do you reconnect?
When you hire a new employee or service provider, how do you get to know them?
When you find a new doctor, therapist, life coach, how do you make the choice?

When you greet someone with love, appreciation and open-mindedness, they respond.
When you listen to someone with open mind and welcoming Spirit, they respond.
When you encourage someone to share with a smile and inviting words, they respond.
When you trust your intuition and believe people give their best, they respond.

This big world can feel very unsafe, unfriendly and non-supportive.
Life can be difficult, dangerous and serious.
Relationships can be disappointing, challenging and dangerous.
And with distrust and fear leading our choices, we may feel alone.

Make each new encounter an opportunity to explore how to connect.
Make each relationship a chance to begin again.
Make each reconnection a place of renewal.
Rely on appreciation and welcoming love to open the doors.

Watch what happens when you invite others to share themselves freely.
Watch what develops when you reach out with appreciation and love.
Watch what friendships grow when you begin with trust and freedom.
Watch how effect it is to relinquish your fear and judgment.

Without fear and judgment, everyone can become friend.
Without fear and judgment, relationships become a place of appreciation.
Without fear and judgment, life is full of connection and resonance.
Without fear and judgment, there are no strangers, only friends you have not yet met.

Loving the joy of traveling and meeting new friends,
Betty Lue