Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Awake, Aware and At Choice

Are you awake?
Sometimes we experience upsets or wakeup calls when we have fallen asleep on our lives.
To be living on purpose we must notice when we are on the “high way”, the “free” way.
To drive at high speeds, we must recognize that any bump in the road is a wakeup call.
Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy. When it is not filled with Love, something has gone wrong.
The bumps at the edge of the road are meant to remind us to stay awake and stay on our path.

Are you aware?
When we make a mistake, we often feel guilty and ashamed and make excuses.
When we feel guilty about our mistakes, we often blame and criticize others.
When we attack others or ourselves, we shut down our capacity for full awareness.
Consciousness is limited by fear and judgment.
Clarity is clouded over with confusion, regret, justification and explanation.
Commitments are focused on defending ourselves rather than choosing again.
Awareness with non judgment is healing for mind, body and Spirit.

Are you at choice?
True freedom to choose from infinite possibilities is available only with full awareness.
We must drop our fears and regrets, blame and criticism, our blinders of judgment and justification.
We must be open, respectful, faithful, responsible, honest and willing to make mistakes.
We must give up our need to be “right” by making others “wrong”.
We must focus on what works for the good of all, without telling others what is “right” for them.
We must pay attention to all points of view and listen within to find what is true for us.
We must be willing to choose and be at peace with our choices.
Ambivalence and self doubt, seeking approval and agreement from others, providing explanation and justification to convince others confuse our clarity and commitment to choose for ourselves.

The more I love and respect the choices I make, the more I love and respect the choices you make.

In this nation built on the rock of freedom with responsibility, it is important that we each take advantage of our birthright.
Choose what is right and true for you without needing to humiliate or condemn others’ right and freedom to choose.
Give voice to what is right and true for you.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue