Saturday, July 24, 2004


What matters to us is what we want to promote and increase.
What we value is what we give our attention to.
What we perceive, show interest for and relate to is what we strengthen.
Where we focus our thoughts (worries and judgments), words and activities demonstrates what we value.

I invite us all to notice where we put our focus.
Recently I did my own time clock noticing how I spent my time, a precious commodity.
Often I keep a running ledger of how we spend our money, even the pennies.
In my relationships I listen to my words as I counsel, teach and even in casual conversation.
In meditation, I track the thoughts that run through my surface mind.

It is what we value that we are building in our world.

What I see is up to me.
What I build I am responsible for.
What I affirm, I experience.
What I feel, I make real.
Who I Am becomes the role I play.
I make it all up everyday.

So I am choosing. And so are You!

Up at 3AM five mornings/week to drive an hour to be with our granddaughter and take her to school.
Her Dad leaves for work at 4:45AM. Grampa and I take turns in spending the mornings with her.
Gia comes to our home for quality time on Fridays, rather than to summer camp.
I spend time on Daily Loving Reminders, usually about 30 minutes writing and sending them, about 1+ hours answering emails and another 4 hours on business, phone and correspondence, about 3-6 hours daily with clients and groups, 3 hours on self improvement and inspiration, 2 hours/day on household management and family time and 6-8 hours of sleep. My life is rich with relationships, learning, responding to the call and being fully conscious. On the weekends, I seek more recreation and creativity. Playing at work and playing in life gives me a sense of freedom, creativity and joy.
I am rarely stuck in seriousness and so rarely get fatigued.
Fatigue is caused by judgment and efforting rather than flowing with enjoyment.

My intention is to model how to live by spiritual guidance and faith, where life is fun, safe and easy.
When it is not, I have made a detour or allowed myself to be distracted by my world.

Focus on what matters to you.
Being true to B’Lue,
Betty Lue