Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Are you Credible?

Do you keep your word?
Do you honor your agreements?
Have you remembered your vows?
Do you fulfill your promises?

What vows have you made?
“On my honor, I will try to do my duty to God and my country.”
“I promise to love and cherish you, ‘til death do us part.”
“So help me God.”

When we keep our promises, our self esteem and confidence are strengthened.
When we break our word, we feel guilty and fear others will not keep their agreements with us.
When we can trust and respect ourselves, we trust and respect others.
When we cannot trust ourselves to be honest and fair, we cannot trust God and others.

Keeping our word, fulfilling our promises and remembering our vows builds faith.
Being true to our commitments strengthens our trust in others and in life itself.

Remind yourself of what you have said and written.
Admit and make amends for broken agreements.
Forgive yourself for unfulfilled promises made to you.
Vow to only make agreements which you intend to keep no matter what.
Be honest with yourself and others when you have failed to keep your agreements.
Forgive yourself and others and choose again for what is true for you.

Over 19 years ago, Robert Waldon, my husband, spiritual partner and true friend came into my life by Divine appointment. He gave his sacred promise to wed with me in Christ, to love and support me on my spiritual path, serving the will of God and Good for all people. Robert has kept his agreement through difficult and trying times as well as adventuresome and creative time. Robert’s never-failing love and respect have fortified my own faith in God and trust in humanity. I know love never ends, when all is forgiven.

Keeping my agreements with you and my promise to God,
Betty Lue