Friday, May 14, 2004

Acceptance Is Healing

When we are at peace the natural flow of healing is present.
When we are in love, life is healing.
When we are living in joy and enjoying our lives. we are healing.

Healing is the return to our natural state of wholeness.
Healing is for me and you and us.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
We are created healed and whole.
In our judgment of what appears to be, we err and perceive lack of wholeness.
In our misperception and our judgment, we separate from what is.
In our separation, we deny the natural and intrinsic healing and wholeness.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.

When I see what is with an open mind, I perceive the wholeness therein.
When I see the intrinsic holiness, I am healed.
My mind creates what I perceive by my beliefs, attitudes, judgments and comparisons.
The pictures I hold are projected onto the screen of life and I make up my mind that I am correct.

When I change my mind, I can see things differently.
When I choose to see the beauty, goodness and wholeness, there it is.
When I choose to see the terror, ugliness and sickness, there it is.
I can choose what I want to see.
All true healing is in my mind.

When I see the goodness and holiness, I accept and embrace what is.
I am at peace. I extend love. My life is fun, safe and easy.
Everywhere I go and everyone I engage is perceived through the filters of my mind.
I can choose to see with a forgiving mind, the call for love and extend the love I am.
Or I can choose to see the sin, problems and attack, and defend myself as I feel afraid, guilty and angry.

When we are connected with our selves and accept our lives, we are at peace.
We are healed and whole.
When we hate, judge ourselves and try to fix our lives, we may suffer with fear, confusion and dis-ease.
The body often is an indicator of our self acceptance and love.
Where we are at peace, our body serves our higher purpose.
Where we have rejected our life purpose and calling, our body and our problems may distract us.
The ego can use our detours, delays and difficulties as an excuses to not fulfill our mission here.
Everyone has a purpose here, opportunities to teach and learn, to love and be loved.
Our real work here is always to remember to love ourselves and others, and return to the perception of wholeness and holiness.

Wishing we were different will not bring us peace or heal our separation from Self
Hating our life will not encourage or bring us joy.
Trying to get another to fix us is only a temporary measure, while the real inner work waits for us.
Humans use their limited thinking to deny their greatness.
Humans use the excuse of lack of education, experience, intelligence, and strength to stifle their fulfillment.
Humans use their painful history to repeat the errors of the past and live in fear of the future.
Humans often fear taking responsibility for the infinite choices always available to us.
We truly are unlimited and free.

Ask yourself: What would I do if I truly knew I was unlimited and free?
Connect with your True Self and Greater Self, for therein lies your compassion, acceptance and understanding of you.
You are worthy of being wholly loved by You and All. Set yourself free by wholly loving You.

Seeing, Knowing and Loving the Real and Whole You,
Betty Lue