Sunday, August 17, 2003

Silence Heals

Listen to the silence,
Rich in every way.
Listen to the silence,
Peace through your day.

The healing power of silence is rich with “mind-fullness” as well as emptiness. In the quiet, there is opportunity
to tune in to a Higher Power, a place wherein all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Love and all Happiness dwell.

In the silence, feelings can be healed. Talking about them often gets agreement from others and holds unwanted feelings in place. See, express and release your emotions with ease and blessing.
In the silence, the body can be heard and acknowledged. Awareness with love is healing. In everyday busyness, the body is often ignored to accomplish the mind’s requests.
In the silence, the mind can be clarified, acknowledged, erased and even enlightened. With constant filling of thoughts, ideas, worries, complaints, assignments, the mind becomes overloaded and over active. The mind short circuits and contracts. Silence allows the mind to heal, to clear and to rest.
In the silence, Communion with the Voice Within is possible, for outside communication is stilled. There is time and space to hear, to receive, to be with what is of Love, what is healing and Holy.

Listen to the Silence.
Silence heals you and sets you free to be.
Loving you, Betty Lue