Monday, August 18, 2003

What Needs Healing?

We are here to heal. This earthly life of embodiment and seeming separation from every thing is a space in which our relationships offer us the opportunity to see what needs to be healed within our consciousness. It appears that there are many physical healing needs related to illness, accident and death. However, there are emotional, mental, financial, relational healing needs as well. It now appears we need to heal our global pollution, our international relations, our economic inequities, our political and governmental systems. When we look around, we acknowledge there appear to be needs for healing everywhere. So all of us can be gainfully employed by the world to heal what we ourselves have made sick.

Are we here to heal our own miscreations?
Are we here to heal our lack of Love and faith in the original creation, which our Creator called ‘Good’? What happens when we name what we see ‘Good’? Could it be that forgiveness heals, because we erase the miscreation, mis-labeling and judgment in our minds and return to an innocent state in which we see the Good, the Whole and the Beautiful?

Consider this: The primary healing need is our separation from God and from the intrinsic Good which is our Essence and our True Identity. What we name, we claim. If we name evil, we claim evil. If we name death, there is death. When we name a disease, we have agreed upon disease. What we see and name, we claim to be a reality and our truth. We have learned to seek agreement for what we believe, and thus, we see what we believe to be.

What would it take for us to heal our minds?
What would it take to let go of our fear?
What could we do to release our guilt?
How can we be willing to let go of our miscreations and faulty perceptions?
How long will it take to be willing to see as God sees?
What must we do to enlighten our minds?
Are we willing to heal what is not real?

Loving you in this quest for healing.
Betty Lue

You can reach me at 800-919-2392 for your healing needs. You can reach me always in your prayer, in your heart, in your loving essence. I am there always with you, always loving you and seeing you whole and Holy!