Monday, June 24, 2024

Let's Share Our Best!





I take impeccable care of myself and my life.

I give my best to others because I care.

I receive what I give with gratitude and joy.

I show that I care and share my love and respect daily.

Let’s Share Our Best!

Have you learned to share?

3 & 4 year olds learn to share in preschool.

Some adults never have learned to share.

When we focus only on ourselves, we sometimes forget to share.

When we are busy trying to be first, we may not notice the ones behind us.

When we are trying to get all we can, we may not notice the need to give.

When we get attached to our own problems, we may not care about others.

When we are self-involved, we may forget or neglect the need for love in those around us.

Learn to take care of yourself.

Handle your own basic needs.

Start your day in a positive way.

Be respectful and kind to you.

When we have not managed our own basic needs, we have no ability to really care for others.

Some basics you may need to learn.

  • Go to bed and get up at a regular time.
  • Eat the best foods at regular mealtimes.
  • Clean up after yourself in the kitchen.
  • Do personal care daily with self respect.
  • Make your bed and clean your room.
  • Spend money wisely with appreciation.
  • Use you time well for education, information, helpfulness.
  • Give yourself really good rest, good food, good friends, good play and good work.
  • Everyday engage in something meaningful, helpful and creative.

When tempted to get lazy in your life, you will see your self esteem, health and happiness go down.

The more we do what is good for us, the more we feel good about ourselves and our wellbeing.

Value yourself and how you live and love and give.

You matter in everything you think and say and do.

Loving you and sharing the best I know,

Betty Lue