Tuesday, June 25, 2024

All Relationships Are Important!




Love naturally flows from me to others.

The more I love and respect myself, the more I love and respect others.

Love works for me, because it reminds me I Am Love.

I quickly and easily release all blocks to Love.

All Relationships Are Important!

Relationships, all of them, are for healing ourselves.

Whatever comes up in life is an opportunity to heal something similar in the past.

Most if not all upsets are unconscious past patterns showing up so we can heal them.

When they are revealed with an upset, it is essential that we not blame or criticize.

Whatever creates guilt about hurting another or fear of having them leave us will not help.

To help us heal, we must look at our own attachment, fears, victimization and blame.

We must review how we want our relationships to be and begin our own journey within.

When we create what we want with our thoughts, words and behavior, we are healing.

Often in “falling in love” you “fall in love” with how you feel in the presence of the other.

There is a “happiness bubble” which can last a few days or many years.

This stage is when each person shows their best trying to please and be what the other wants.

It is temporary because it is only showing what we want to be seen and valued.

When the bubble bursts, whether in business partnership or personal relationship, there is upset.

People often fall in love with the frame on the picture, the outside glitter and glamor.

When the relationship loses its shine or people no longer “please” one another, it often ends.

Are you consistently giving your best in every relationship?

Relationships are ideally created to support and inspire each other to be our best.

When the other is not ready, able or willing to be supportive, there may be disappointment and hurt.

When we depend on another giving us what we want, we tend to become spoiled or dependent.

When our needs are not met, often people are disheartened and quit on the other.

Relationships lose mystery and “magnetic attraction” often when you get to really know the other.

People who feel chemistry or magic often are attracted by what they don’t know.

When attracted to the unknown or mystery, you may go from one partner to another.

Looking for a sensation or feeling is often seen as “love”.

To choose what you want in relationship, make a list of your ideal qualities of relating.

Honesty, humor, forgiveness, safety, openness, commitment, etc.

Then assess whether you yourself are living your ideals.

The first step to healthy relationship is consistently giving what you want to receive.

People give what they have.

People teach others to have more by giving more.

In relationship we can give to others or “get” from others.

When they have to give, they often feel resentful and angry.

When they have nothing to give, they often feel rejected.

We can create success by being loving and respectful to ourselves.

When you have love to give, share it without expectation.

When you don’t have love to share, take care of yourself.

We need to learn to find and fulfill the love inside, so we are not needy and dependent.

Successful relationships require work.

I am willing to continue to heal, learn and grow to always do the work to heal within and help without.

Love in us needs to be set free to be, first to love ourselves and then to give love to others.

I am loving myself and you with everything I think and say and do.

Life is fulfilled with sharing the Love,

Betty Lue