Thursday, March 21, 2024

What Now?

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I embrace the unknown and enjoy the mystery of life.

I trust the changes that occur naturally.

All things work together for Good.

Everything I experience, I have asked for and receive as I have asked.

Change Is Happening!

Change is a natural occurrence.

We all either dread or embrace change.

When we can choose the change, we like it.

When change is unexpected, we may not like it.


Weather changes.

Personalities change.

Bodies change.

Finances change.

Organizations change.

Energies change.

Values change.

Beliefs change.

Dreams change.

Relationships change.

We are here to allow and expect change to be.

When we flow with what is, life works well.

When we resist what seems to be, life may be difficult.

Time to change the mind and let change be.

Most fights and even wars are due to resistance.

Most pain and upset seems to be fighting against change.

Most worry and concern shows up with something changing.

Most judgment and criticism comes from disagreements with change.

What might happen if we allowed change to be!

How free might we be if we allowed our own natural changes.

What feelings would emerge if we simply let go and trust.

How much fun could we have by letting everyone be.

Lessons are learned when we don’t interfere.

People wakeup when invited to change.

Communication is encouraged with change.

There is renewal and creation in change.

We are invited to make all things new with change.

We have the opportunity to free ourselves with change.

We are blessed with unlimited possibilities with change.

We can be renewed in mind, body and Spirit with change.

Embrace the unknown.

Live life with freedom and trust.

Know you are unlimited. 

Appreciate the blessings that come.

Love is the answer.

Betty Lue