Wednesday, September 22, 2021



I Trust in All That Is Good And Whole And Beautiful.

I know Love is Trust and Freedom.

I trust in the Goodness of God that lives in me.

I believe it is Trust that sets us free.

Learn to Trust

Wherever there is trust, there is peace.

Whenever we trust, we allow Good.

However we trust, we will understand.

With Trust in us, we can flow with life.

Trust opens minds.

Trust give us freedom.

Trust encourages creation.

Trust brings creative solutions.

Trust in what, you may say

Trust in the Universe or Source or God.

Trust in Divine Right Outcome.

Trust in the Goodness and Love That Is.

When we have worldly angst and distrust, we must clear the fear to reveal how to trust.

When we learn there is no one and nothing to trust, we can look beyond the specific history.

When we find we cannot trust in our personality or ego mind to guide us, we must listen deeper.

When we do not know where to go or what is real, we can clear the beliefs and look beneath.

When we trust things will stay the same, we are mistaken.

When we believe that there is someone who will not change, we may feel betrayed.

When we imaging personalities will always we healthy and wise, we may feel cheated.

Everyone and everything is changing and evolving, learning and letting go.

Begin to seek the miracle of healing and transformation.

Begin to trust in the natural opening and evolution in the world.

Begin to watch what happens when you stop judging and just observe.

Begin to notice how clearing the fear opens the way to the return of Love.

Life is our creation, teaching us to undo all the barriers to Trust.

Life is our projection giving us tools to remember what is real.

Life is a gift and reflection of what we think and say and do.

Life is a reminder of what we need to realize the truth of our creations.

When we relinquish our need to judge, we open the way to trust.

When we set aside our learned fears, we feel free to trust again.

When we recognize there is more than we see, we begin to see reality.

When we undo our distrust, distraction and disappointments, we realign with Goodness in all.

Where we trust in Higher Ground, we step up and patiently wait.

When we know there is something more, we watch and listen for what it is to be.

When we allow ourselves to believe in Good in all things, we trust it will show up for us.

When we begin to trust in All That Is as it flows through our lives, we find sanctuary in that peace.

Let us together learn to trust.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Freedom and Justice


I trust in Love and I Am Free.

I free my whole Self to be All I really Am.

I love myself unconditionally with no end.

I remember I am Love, here to Love.

Freedom and Justice for You

Have you granted yourself freedom to be?

Are you just with yourself in how you treat you?

Do you give yourself the freedom to do and have what you want?

Are you serving a life sentence, paying penance for some mistake you made?

Can you set yourself free without doing harm?

Can you make amends to right any wrongs?

Do you pardon yourself for what has hurt you?

Are you willing to grant yourself amnesty?

Where you judge others, you are judging yourself.

Where you are limiting others, you are limiting yourself.

When you are allowing your own freedom, you are freeing others.

Where you are forgiving your own criticism and restriction, you are releasing humanity.

Consider how you can forgive your own mistakes.

Look for how easily you can release the duties, obligations, threats and demands you place on yourself.

Ask yourself what your life will be when you are truly free.

Give yourself permission to explore the limitless possibilities of really being alive.

Our judge and jailer is ourselves.

The one who imposes limitations on us is the one we live with.

The restrictions and criticism we experience comes from within.

What we see and hear and feel outside is actually an inside job.

Letting go is key.

Undoing the past will free us.

Relinquishing all attack brings peace.

Removing all barriers to fully living Love is our Freedom.

When you are afraid, you hide in the closet of your past.

When you are confused, you get caught in judging right or wrong.

When you depend on others, you are stuck in distrust of yourself.

When you are free to Love, you find a life that is fun, safe and easy.

Take a peek at what life could be when you are free.

Step out of the cage where you keep yourself in captivity.

Smell the fresh air and sun on your face as you breathe new life.

Seize the moment where you know only love in all things.

You are the Source of your freedom and trust.

You are the One who brings Love back to you.

You are the Gift to be fully received by you and for you.

Take a moment to trust in Love.

Love is all that really matters.

Give back your freedom and self-trust to you.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Monday, September 20, 2021

Are You Happy?

Full Moon Today at 4:54 PDT


I am willing to be happy.

I choose to think, speak and act with joy and gratitude.

I trust my inner happiness sustains my life, my light and my love.

I quickly forgive and release unhappy thoughts, words and activities.

What Are You Doing Today?

Your life depends on you being happy.

You happiness depends on you choosing positive thoughts, words and interactions.

You are a gift to your world, so give your happiness.

Give yourself the gift of true and natural happiness.

Give the feelings of happiness to your mind and body.

Bring happiness to your home and your family.

Share happiness with your workplace and the work you do.

Appreciate happiness you see and feel in others.

What we give attention to will naturally grow and expand.

When we find happiness in ourselves and others, enjoy it.

When we see happiness being shared, appreciate it.

We are here to share, value and expand the happiness we know.

If there is withholding of love, we will feel unhappy.

If we are not happy with ourselves, we may feel sick.

If we are jealous of others’ happiness, we deny ourselves.

If you focus on unhappiness, we encourage unhappiness.

We are simply creating what we seek.

When we seek what is wrong, we see what needs our correction.

When we seek what is sad and suffering, we find what needs comfort and healing.

When we seek what is beautiful, peaceful and happy, we find what we seek.

Life constantly re-imagines itself in its own likeness and image.

We continuously are re-creating what we “think” we want.

Changing our focus changes the channel.

Our view of the world and our life is a product of our own thoughts and feelings.

Seeking to be happy is the first step to choosing happiness.

When we choose to be happy, we remember a picture of being happy.

When we remember an experience, real or imagined, we initiate the feeling.

When we feel happy, we remember our natural state is true happiness.

What are you willing to do for yourself today?

Are you open and willing to be happy first?

Are you open to share your happiness wherever you go?

Being happy is your gift to your world!

I love you and me, when I share my happiness!

Betty Lue

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Open and Willing


I am open and willing to see the Light in me.

I am open and willing to know Who I Am.

I am open and willing to share the Goodness I have.

I am open and willing to live the Love in my Soul.

Open and Willing for Goodness Sake.

I am open and willing to see Good.

I am open and willing to be Good.

I am open and willing to know Good.

I am open and willing to have Good….for Goodness Sake.

What if we only need to get out of the way to experience the Good we seek.

What if we are standing in our own way without our awareness.

What if our real task is to stop blocking, judging and negating.

What if we really can allow all Good and only Good to flow to us and thru us.

Could it be, we have been holding up a “”Stop” sign when it is time to walk across the street.

Could it be, we are own green light allowing us to go where we really want to be.

Could it be, we have allowed judgment and fear, uncertainty and doubt, to keep us waiting.

Could it be, we have been saying “NO” or “Maybe” or “Not Yet”?

How about affirming…..

  • I am ready for Goodness to befall on me.
  • I am open for my inheritance of happiness.
  • I am willing to receive what is right and true.
  • I say YES to the Best I Am here to be. 

Let today be your day to say YES to yourself.

Affirm your dreams are awakening in you.

Turn off the alarm clock and get ready to live fully.

See the goodness and beauty in you and around you.

Remind yourself…

  • It is safe to be happy.
  • It is fun to love it all.
  • It is easy to let go of all resistance.
  • It is good to follow your call.
  • It is OK to enjoy each moment.
  • It is peaceful to forgive everyone.
  • It is right to be true to yourself.
  • It is healthy to live your best.
  • It is wise to listen within.

Write your life script in the way that pleases you.

Speak words of kindness to expand your willing heart.

Give beautiful healing blessings to remind you of your wholeness.

Remember the Love in You and Return to your natural state of Holiness.

Life is a gift we give to ourselves.

Betty Lue

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Your Life Counts


I turn on the lights and love is what I see.

I open my eyes to the beauty in me.

I clear the fear and recognize the love in me.

Let’s count all our blessings and rejoice.

Everything Counts

Begin to look at your life as a journey of awakening.

The more awake you are, the more you notice.

The more aware you are, the more you can see.

The more you see, the more you can heal.

What is revealed can be seen in the light.

What is seen can be appreciated.

What you observe, you can learn from.

What you learn helps create the next steps.

When you criticize what you see, it stays in your mind.

What you judge and compare, you tend to get stuck with.

When you try to analyze and figure out, you rework in your mind.

What you hang on to in your memory, becomes a negative space.

Our work is to clear the fear and judgment.

Our work is to lift up the clouds of darkness.

Our mission is to see from a higher place.

We can see things as lessons when we turn on the light.

An enlightened mind enjoys the learning.

An open mind us willing to see clearly.

Our willingness to trust in what is brings peace.

Our patience in life’s journey opens our eyes to see the blessings.

There are those who seem to lift us up to a higher point of view.

There are some who lead us to live a wiser and better way.

There are a few who inspire us to walk taller and be wiser.

When we find ourselves seeing and being better, let us celebrate.

Count your blessings.

Be pleased with your gifts.

Honor the kindnesses of everyone.

Respect the Goodness you feel and share.

Acknowledge the simple moments of peace.

Appreciate the sweet places of beauty.

Value what has heart and meaning for you.

Share what is sacred in all you say and do.

Life is a journey of awakening.

The more we show up, the more we can see.

When we live here and now, we know what can be.

Live life as though everything counts,…..because it does.

I see You….and I see the Love in all I see.

Betty Lue

Friday, September 17, 2021

Guides and Heroes


I choose wisely and respect the choices I make.

I respect those who live the same values I have.

I listen to what inspires, encourages and guides my life.

I focus on what is good for me and let the rest go.

Who Do You Admire?

When you admire someone or something, you tend to become more like them.

What you admire, you tend to live their values, accomplishments and/or choices.

Those you admire may have a strong influence on how and what you choose in life.

Those we admire and respect we look to for guidance and positive examples.

To recognize who you emulate, pay attention to what choices you make.

Children copy their parents and those they identify as role models.

You will be most influenced by those you talk with, think about and associate with.

When you want to know where you are going, you can look at your past associations.

Energy flows with your feelings. 

Be aware of what inspires you.

Be aware of what scares you.

We all have something to learn from both attraction and repulsion.

What you focus on and are curious about tends to show you where you have something to learn.

You can learn what isn’t good and doesn't work for you, just as easily as what is good and does work.

When you understand you are learning by association, you can choose what you want to learn.

Your respectful relationships will help teach and guide you in the direction you choose is best.

Notice what you read and whom you read about.

Notice what TV shows and movies your watch.

Observe what and whom you talk about.

Listen to your own thoughts about people and their lives.

You are always telling on yourself.

Your story is in the gossip and stories you tell.

Your choices are in what you validate, admire and respect.

Your guidance and conscience are in what you criticize, disrespect and put down.

Remember that your life tells you what you value.

When you value drama, you will experience drama.

When you value peace, you will experience peace.

Our values create what we experience.

You can change your experience by changing your values.

You can change your future by changing your role models and heroes.

You can change your choices by changing where you spend your time, energy and money.

If there is something you want to be different, begin by changing your association.

If you like your life and the choices you make, validate, admire and respect your self.

If you dislike your life and your choices, change your associations and heroes and guides.

You can forgive and delete what does not work and choose again.

Spend no energy on judging others or yourself, learn and let go.

Become the One You admire and respect.

I learn from you and everyone I encounter,


Betty Lue

Thursday, September 16, 2021



I quiet my personal opinions, judgments and fear, and listen to the voice for Love.

I forgive all obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

My mind automatically erases all that is not wholly Loving.

I listen within to Inner Guidance for direction.

How Do You Decide?

How are you inspired?

Do you listen within?

Do you follow your heart?

Do you trust in Spirit, inner guidance or Higher Power?

Decisions can be made by emotion or feeling.

They can be made by committee, consensus or popular vote.

Decisions can be made by rationale or scientific analysis.

They can be made by spiritual wisdom and inner guidance.

By whatever name or voice, there is an inner guidance system.

You might call  is an innate conscience or voice, a guiding light.

Each of us have that original connection from which we have come.

When we stay in touch, listening, and trusting, we know what is right.

It is impossible to decide by ourselves.

We can pretend to know all the facts.

We can ask our friends for advice.

We can follow our emotions of fear or love.

When we choose based on fear, our decisions are limiting and defensive.

When we choose based on love, our decisions are healing and creative.

When we choose from our own limiting point of view, we see with obstructed view.

When we choose with forgiveness and open-mindedness, we see, feel and hear things differently.

We have selective perception and selective remembering according to our beliefs and attachments.

We tend to follow the path most traveled and the judgments most remembered.

We see things that we believe have been true and believe they will continue to be so.

We decide based on our judgments, defensiveness and coping tools.

We can return to a natural state of “innocence” or “inner sense.”

We can experience a new perspective based on erasing what was or seemed to be.

We can see things differently and choose again for a new way of being and relating.

We can influence others and our world with out willingness to decide always for the Highest Good.

Forgive and you will see things differently.

Erase the past and you will see a new future.

Clear up what was uncertain and you will have new vision.

Be open and willing to see with an enlightened mind.

With spiritual principles guiding you way, you will seek what is best for all.

With commitment to the highest Good and inner listening you will respond with what is Good and Right.

With deep desire for what you really want, you will receive what is Whole and True and Loving.

Trust in your inner sense, listen within and respond with peace and gratitude.

Trusting in our Higher Vision and Open Heart and Creative Mind.

Betty Lue