Sunday, June 17, 2018


I listen within and say and do what I know to be true.
I trust in my inner voice that guides me to teach only love.
I listen first and always respond with what is true and whole and loving.
I give love in the way that is most easily received.

Is Anyone Listening?

Strange things are happening everyday.
Children are crying from lack of love.
Elders are sitting alone in the dark.
People are yelling and hurting each other.

Is anyone listening?
Are we so conditioned to pain, we are numb?
Have we gone to sleep on what is wrong?
Are we hoping someone else will fix it for us?

Plenty of wine makes the pain tolerable.
Turn up the music and you cannot hear the cries.
Play enough games and watch more TV and you will not see.
Just walk away and hope and pray it goes away.

Who is there for you?
Who it there for them?
Who is your teacher, helper and friend?
Where do you go to listen and hear?

Can you help someone?
A batch of cookies to a college student.
A thank you note from someone who cares.
A smile and a hug to the elder who is alone.

Listen inside and see what gives inside you.
Do you remember what it feels like to really give from the heart?
Do you hear the voice of innocence asking for simple kindness and love?
Do you know how to respond when you see an unfulfilled need?

Are you caught in comfort and greed, forgetting to give?
Are you afraid to give from worry about the cost to you?
Is it scary to care and share when you see so many needs?
Are you willing to risk a little time and energy, resources and love?

When I listen to you, I know I can make a difference.
When I listen to me, I know there is more to do.
When I listen to our world, I see how we must respond.
When I listen to God and Goodness within, “right” living everyday is key.

When I am quiet and ask: “What Can I Do?”, I know what is mine to be and do and give.
When I listen within to my heart’s desire, It is “Love  and Serve Everyone Well”
When I listen to the Earth, she tells me to “Appreciate all I have and be a good steward.”
When I listen to you, “
I know You, I hear You, I simply Love You!”

Listen and you will know what is Yours to do.
Each one of us can do something.
One drop in the bucket may save a life.
Your little part may give your life back with abundance and joy the reward

I love you for living and giving with Love.
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Not Quite Right?

I see what is and learn.
I am open and willing to choose again.
I see things rightly and seek the good.
I quickly and easily erase everything that is not wholly loving.

Something’s Fishy?

When something stinks, throw it away.
When something is sad, let yourself cry.
When something is unkind, seek kindness.
When something is unreal, don’t believe it is.

Are you pretending?
Do you try to convince yourself, everything is OK?
Do you cover up the mess or hide it in the closet?
Do you sweep your feelings under the rug and smile?

It is time to get real.
It is time to really feel.
It is time to wake up and look.
It is time to see what really is going on.

Too often people turn away.
Many people neglect themselves.
You may deny there is a problem.
You may expect someone else to do something.

When you need some help, ask for it from the best person.
When you need some clarity, seek someone who sees the whole picture.
When you need a healer, search for one who has healed themselves.
When you need to hear yourself, get quiet and listen within and write.

There is mystery in your history.
You may not ever understand who or what or why.
You may have life experiences which are extraordinary.
You may feel asleep on the job and be rudely awakened.

Whatever comes your way, it is to teach and inspire your heart’s desire.
Whatever happens, whether ecstatic or grievous, it can be seen as opportunity to respond.
Whomever you encounter, there is always some loving reminder.
Life reaches into us and teaches us to see Who We Are.

Be open and willing to care.
Be open and willing to share.
Be open and willing to dare.
Be You and Love You and Learn from You.

Receive all Good and only Good.
Release what is not true and not You.
Remember what gives and lives forever.
Realign with what is always there for you.

Only Love prevails.
There for you and with you in Love,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 15, 2018

Spring Cleaning

I look forward to new creations, when I clean out the old.
I quickly release everything that holds me back.
I forgive all useless thoughts, feelings, words and activities.
I now attract inspiring, fulfilling, loving experiences.

Clean Up Your Mind!

Cleaning up your mind will open the way for real change.
Clearing out the past leftovers makes way for real progress.
Letting go of the heaviness, darkness and negativity is healing.
Releasing the clutter and debris in your mind allow fresh ideas and vision.

It shouldn’t be hard to let go, except we are taught to not throw away stuff.
Often we are taught to keep adding more to the pile of useless thoughts and unhappy feelings.
What harm would it do to clear out what is unhealthy and unhelpful?
What good could it do to open the windows of your mind and make space for healthy, helpful goodness.

Carrying around years of incompletions, withheld communication, and resentment makes us sick.
The futility of unfulfilled wishes and wasted monies and childish dreams create only regret.
Unhappy memories of hurt feelings and health issues remind us of being locked into pain.
What we can do is let it all go again and again until there is only the reality of now.

Annually deciduous trees release their leaves and beliefs to rest awhile until spring renewal.
We too need to relinquish our old prejudices, opinions, faulty learning and archaic truths.
We need to come to present time and see what really is happening now.
When we are unwilling to see what is, we waste much energy defending against what no longer exists.

Consider cleaning our your archived papers and old useless packed away stuff.
Consider clearing the attic and basement of your mind.
Consider throwing away and recycling, giving and selling what has no value to you.
Often in life we treasure what no longer has worth and now is just dead weight.

Stop telling stories that only teach tragedy and fear, humiliation and grief.
Stop digging up what is meant to be dead, done and buried.
Stop reminding yourself and others what was done long ago.
When we cling to the old stuff we become old stuff.

Life teaches us renewal.
Our skin sheds and renews itself.
Our bodies are ever-renewing structure.
Our minds too can be easily undone and redone.

It is our choice to clear our what no longer serves us.
It is our choice to clean up our own addictions and unhealthy habits.
It is our choice to let go of activities and people that no longer inspire us.
It is our choice to make amends and begin again with a new spirit and new life.

Fresh ideas come to those who have fertile soil in which to plant new possibilities.
A renewal of energy and interest comes from associating with new people and new places.
Our minds are inspired by feeding them with new life energy physically, mentally and spiritually.
We are as clean and clear as we allow ourselves to be.

Give your inner and outer home a really good thorough spring cleaning and see what happens.
Loving us all in Letting Go!!
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Finish What You Start

I am done when I am truly done.
I finish what I start with blessings of gratitude.
Completion sets me free to create again with enthusiasm.
I honor what I start by letting go when it is done for me.

Finish What You Start!

Completion requires attention to details.
Completion demands persistence.
Completion invites forgiveness.
Completion must be appreciated.

What are the details left to be done or undone?
When we have errors of omission or commission, we are incomplete.
When we have consciously or unconsciously withheld our love, we will be unfinished.
When we do not do and say and give as we are guided from within, we will never feel quite right.

What have you quit, avoided or relinquished?
We can quit on projects and jobs, marriages and relationships.
We can avoid family and friends, neighbors and coworkers.
We can give up on our dreams and plans, our ambitions and creations.

Where and what and whom have you continued to judge or criticize?
We cannot be a peace when we continue to judge ourselves and others.
We cannot let go of regrets and resentment without forgiveness.
We cannot move on when we have emotional indigestion from unhealed stuff.

What will it take to appreciate it all and feel happy with the completion?
Past ghosts haunt us and keep reminding up they are still present.
The unfinished stuff drains us of energy and utilitizes our creative intention.
It is far better to let go with grace and gratitude than reuminate on what could have been.

We do not need to understand to let go and return to love.
We do not need to be “right” to stop fighting and making others wrong, unfair or unjust.
We do not need to know what happened to complete our mission of love.
We do need to feel right and true to ourselves in all we say and do.

We do not need to say everything directly to the other and expect them to “get” us.
We do not need to fix or save or make things right for everyone.
We do need to apologize for the incompletion, judgments, financial and emotional drain.
We do need to move on with blessings and release everyone to their highest good.

Whatever poison we send out only makes us sick in mind and body.
Toxic thoughts poison the thinker and must be released.
Gratitude will always be in true completion.
With gratitude comes grace.

Consider completing by observing how much you have learned.
Consider completing by taking the next step to move forward.
Consider completing by making amends and learning from all mistakes.
Consider completing by tidying up your mental and physical space freeing yourself from the past.

When you finish with appreciation, you feel validated and finished.
Loving you,
Betty Lue