Tuesday, December 03, 2019

What To Believe?

I believe in what works.
I trust and free myself and others to choose.
I allow us all to learn and grow and change out minds.
I learn from everyone and everything & know my mind is mine to choose.

Who or What Do You Believe?

It is your choice about what you believe.
It is your right to decide what is “right” for you.
It is your responsibility to discern what you trust.
And if you don’t believe in you, how can you know?

There are a myriad of voices, opinions, facts, all claiming to be true.
Each one believes in their own stories and perceptions.
Every scientist and researcher can attest to their chosen “factual truth”.
The convincing comes when we want to believe what we hear.

Facts can be altered, made up and distorted for the purpose of the listener.
Our mind is often made up by what we want to believe.
In reality it is what we believe that we make “true” for us.
Many believe “It is all made up.”

“What you Conceive and Believe, you can Achieve.”
The metaphysics of this life experience is seen as being based on co-creation.
Our spiritual experience is often seen as based on our “faith”.
So do you believe what is good, inspiring and “true” for you?

I want happy endings.
I like healing and helpful relationships.
I prefer feeling good and positive and capable.
So I choose voices that inspire, and fill me with hope and trust.

We can turn off fear-based voices and noises.
We can choose for love-inspired creations and ideas.
We can join with what fills us with gratitude and happiness.
We can let go of following the crowd and choose to believe our way.

No need to arguing, violence or negativity.
No need for taking sides.
No need for making others wrong.
We can simply choose what is right and good for us to believe and buy.

I believe in what bring health and healing, different for each individual.
I believe in the right to choose what we want for ourselves, without denying another.
I believe in what works for you and for me, what is effective and helpful.
I believe in what sets me free to be happy and trust in the Highest Good for all.

What do you believe in?
What do you choose to strengthen and grow?
What do you buy and spend your time, money and energy on having, doing and being.?
What do you want to have and to hold from this day forward, with all your heart and mind?

I respect your right and responsibility to choose,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 02, 2019

Are You Listening?

I listen but seek the underlying intention.
I honor my own words for their real meaning.
I seek love and the call for love.
I respond to the real message in what I hear.

Is Anyone Listening?

Are you listening to what is being said?
Are you saying what you need to hear?
Is anyone telling their truth?
Are we each inside our own world?

Many are talking but very few are listening.
We are all talking to ourselves.
We are here to receive our own messages.
We must discern our intention for the words we say and write.

Most are thinking, but are not hearing our own thought.
Most are believing what they think and say is true.
But how much is just regurgitating what we have heard?
Do you truly believe what we think and say and do?

Do we learn from what we say?
Do we believe the truth we tell?
Does anyone really care?
Are we willing to be what we seem to profess?

So many words all jumbled together.
So many opposing beliefs, opinions and “truths”.
We pick and choose what we want to make ours.
How can we tell who is really hearing and understanding?

Media sources all disagree, because it is all just beliefs.
People sharing with us to get agreement and approval.
We try to control, convince and contrive with words.
We even try to make ourselves believe what we want to believe.

Who knows?
Who cares?
Who listens?
Who want to find something to believe?

You will find your own “truth” or “belief”.
You will explore and experiment what is “right” for you.
You will try to believe what you want to be so.
You will doubt you can or will every really know.

Such is this constant state of doing and undoing.
We are here to claim our own choice and creation.
We get to create, buy and express our own truth to believe in.
And we allow everyone else to do the same.

So fun, interesting and Good to know.
Loving all I learn from everyone and everything.
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 01, 2019

What’s Right for You?

I do what is right for me, because it sets me free.
I listen inside and abide with what is good and true.
I forgive my mistakes and choose again.
I am my best when I do what is right.

What’s Right?

Is it right for you to be busy?
Is it right for you to be still?
Is it right for you to be giving?
Is it right for you to be receiving?

Are you at peace with your life?
Are you sharing what you have?
Are you living life your way?
Would you rather be full or depleted?

How often to do wish for something different?
Are you waiting for magic or intervention?
Do you think about dying or living?
Are you satisfied with everything you have?

Do you clean up after yourself?
Do you handle your words with care?
Are you willing to support your bad habits?
Are you open to changing what is not right for you?

Is it time for you to stop what is wrong for you?
Do you trust you can make your life better?
Are you needing help making amends for your mistakes?
Do you need some help to make things right again?

How often do you make promises and break them?
How easily do you actually say: “I am sorry”?
How do you show your love and do what’s right?
Are you waiting for others to do what’s right first?

Have you taken some time to do some honest “soul searching”?
Are you willing to write down what you Really Want?
What will it take for you to begin making changing?
How can you get unstuck from what is wrong for you?

You are the chooser.
You life is at stake.
You can begin today.
You can take one step at a time.

Be willing and open.
Be forgiving and kind.
Be honest and true.
Remember to always love you.

Listen within and follow what is right and good and true for you.
Always loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Life Is A Gift!

I breathe in the joy I have for Life.
I easily receive the gifts I give.
I quickly forgive and erase what is not Gift for me.
I fill myself each day with the Joy and Gratitude I have for my life.

Life Is A Gift.

Life is a gift to be given and received with joy and gratitude.
When we are fully alive, we naturally and effortlessly share.
When we enjoy our lives, we are a joy to be around.
When we are grateful for the life we have, others enjoy us.

How can you enjoy your life more?
Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
Life is naturally happy, healthy and flowing.
What do you need to choose or change to have more fun, safety and ease?

Your experiences will tell you when something is not working.
What you see and hear and feel shows you where you are out of balance.
Your feedback system shows where you are focused, judging and unhappy.
It is automatic and amazing to experience how fast you perceive the lack and limitation.

You can easily and quickly correct what is off purpose and off balance.
Your willingness to undo the false learned beliefs and choose again is key.
You can forgive, erase and release whatever is harmful, stuck and difficult.
You can effortlessly choose again for what is healthful, freeing and easy.

When life is a gift, there is gladness upon awakening.
When life is flowing, there is gratitude as we fall asleep.
When life is joy-filled, there is ease in being fully alive.
When life is abundant, you are generous in your sharing.

Are you willing to listen to your inner Self?
Are you open to receiving Love from you?
Are you kind to you in thought, word and deed?
Are you generous in how well you are loving you?

You may have been taught to put others first.
You may have believed you need to give you less.
You may have bought not to appreciate you.
You may have thought to never think of you.

These can be helpful for some who have learned the opposite.
But there is a balance that comes with experience and wisdom.
Life is first and foremost your to have and receive fully.
But when you deny yourself the gift, you have less and less to give.

Remember to receive the gifts of goodness and joy you give.
Remember to always include yourself in what is good and whole and loving.
Remember to honor, respect and trust the Good in you.
Remember to only give and receive what is Good and Whole and True.

These Loving Reminders are my gift of Love for me and for you.
Betty Lue