Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Being Responsible

I am responsible for my thoughts, words and behavior.
I choose to respond to others’ thoughts, words and behavior with respect and consideration.
I take responsibility for the quality of my relationships.
I understand and respond with love to those who are calling for love.

Are you Responsible?

Are you responsible to think before you act?
Are you responsible to do what is right and good?
Are you responsible to do no harm to yourself or others?
Are you responsible to keep your agreements?

Are you responsible for your behavior?
Are you responsible for your health?
Are you responsible for living by your principles?
Are you responsible to protect and provide for children?

Are you responsible to bring peace to your world?
Are you responsible to give thanks to those who give to you?
Are you responsible for being kind to your elders and others?
Are you responsible to learn from your live experiences?

Being Responsible is work.
To be responsible is stop our dependency and blame on others.
To be responsible requires that we be conscious, conscientious and follow our conscience.
To be responsible is being willing and able to respond to whatever comes in life.

We are responsible for teaching our children to be responsible for themselves.
We are responsible for the ways we spend money, treat our pets, take care of what we have.
We are responsible for obeying the law, living in integrity, the words we use and the world we live in.
If not us ourselves, who is responsible for all we are, what we do and all we have.

It is both a privilege and responsibility to make our own choices.
We choose what we watch on TV, what we believe and what we buy.
We choose what we continue, what we stop and the changes we make.
We choose how we live and how we love and how we give.

We can blame, shame, criticize and condemn but ultimately we make our own choices.
We are here to learn by what we choose and the consequences we experience.
We are born into a free society where we can live wherever we want by rules we make up.
We have every opportunity to take full responsibility for our lives and learn our own lessons.

Perhaps it is time we understand that people do what they believe will work for them.
People express what they think will be the best to get the results they want.
People can choose to change their mind and learn to do better.
People can apologize for making inappropriate or ignorant choices.

To grow up is to be fully responsible for our choice.
To be mature is to behave in a way that hurts no on and benefits everyone.
To be an adult is to think, speak and act consciously with conscience..
We are responsible when we are willing to respond with wisdom, compassion and kindness.

I wake up, learn and enjoy being responsible for my life choices.
Let us do it together.
Betty Lue 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


I let go and allow the flow of all Good.
I trust my desire for inner peace is fulfilled.
Life works for me and with me as I decide it will.
Love is the power that does the work to create all I desire.

Flow With What Is

Let go and flow with what is.
Trust you are always enough.
You are in the right place doing the right thing.
Life is good and getting better.

When you feel safe and secure, you trust.
When you trust, you let go and allow.
When you let go and let life be, your feel happy and free.
When you feel happy and free, you know all is well.

How can you let go?
How can you allow things to be?
How can you trust you all is well?
How can you believe life is good?

When you have been taught to look for problems, you do.
When you have been programmed to judge, you do.
When you are afraid of what is coming, you will be.
When you look for the pitfalls and dangers, you will seek them.

Life is what we want to be and see
Life is a gift to be treasured or a curse to be feared.
You find what you seek and find what you are looking for.
We can choose to look down or look up.

When you clear the past, you will begin to see the miracles of love.
When you stop trying to defend and prepare for the worst, you will open to allow good to flow in.
When you are open yourself to fun and good fortune, you will see it everywhere.
When you throw down the walls and open your heart, you will feel whole, happy and free.

There is goodness within each one that must be allowed to be.
When we are defensive, the good cannot be seen or shared.
When we are trusting and explore, we can create new joy and inner peace.
When we create what is pleasing to us, we begin to fill our lives with what love brings.

Certainly we create inner security and outer safety.
Of course, we want to be happy and fulfilled.
Yes, we prefer positive outcomes and so choose them.
We decide for what is right and good, fair and honest.

We trust in the flow of what ifs fun, safe and easy.
We enjoy what we want to think and feel and live.
We encourage what is healing and helpful for all.
We appreciate ourselves and our life choices.

Let’s let go and flow, trust and enjoy.
All good is waiting for our welcome.
We feel secure in knowing we deserve happiness.
We can because we believe we can.

Loving and believing in you.
Betty Lue

Monday, June 17, 2019


I choose what I think and say and do.
I expect myself to always choose what is best for others.
I change anything and everything immediately if it may do harm.
I teach my world by my example.

How Do We Change?

You cannot change another.
You can invite, teach, demonstrate.
You can change your own perception.
You can change your thoughts, words and behavior.

You can change your responses.
You can change your attitude.
You can change your emotions.
 You can change your interaction.

You can change your beliefs.
Your can change your judgments.
You can change your choices.
You can change how you feel.

You can change how you look.
You can change how you smell.
You can change how you move.
You can change you.

You can change how you live.
You can change what you give.
You can change how you love.
You can change who you trust.

You can change what you eat.
You can change what you buy.
You can change your habits.
You can change your associations.

You can change yourself.
Every change you make is a statement.
Every change you make is a teaching.
Every change you make influences others.

Everything we think do and say teaches everyone.
All that you are is a declaration of what you believe.
Notice what you want others to learn from you.
See how you behave and speak and what you imagine.
Is this what you want to be true?

The power of change is deep within you.
Begin now to change your relationships.
Your changes reflect your beliefs and truths.
You are changing your world.

Loving you,
Betty Lue