Monday, June 26, 2017

You Can Change!

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I change easily for the good.
I forgive all errors and choose again for correction.
I consistently choose for positive change.

You Can Change!

Change is your choice.
You can change what you think.
You can change what you feel.
You can change how you behave.

When we know better, we can do better.
When we pay attention to what we think, we can change it.
When we notice how we feel, we can choose different feelings.
When we observe our behavior, we can act differently.

We all have options in our attitude and behavior.
When we think, feel and act the same, we will have the same experiences.
When we change anything, the results will change.
We are the change agents in our own life, relationships, finances and health.

Wherever you are unhappy or frustrated, make a change……any change.
Notice the results and refine the changes.
Life is an experiment to discover what works best for you.
Your family’s choices may not be best for you.

The recipe for what you want needs to be your own.
We all need to be good chemists when we cook or bake.
Taste what you prepare and then adjust the ingredients.
If you want your life to taste good, keep refining what you put in.

You are the master chef and culinary chemist.
You care the change agent in your life.
When what you are preparing for yourself is not working, start over with a new recipe.
Learn more and refine more to create the best for yourself.

Consider yourself a victim of others doing and you will not be happy.
Consider your dependency and blame on others, and you will feel needy and disempowered.
Consider your sense of helplessness or lack, littleness and limitation and you will feel weak.
Consider your ability to change your mind, change your words and changes your interactions.

You can capable of change on every level.
Change one thought and all others will change.
Changing even one aspect of life in a positive direction and everything will benefit.
You can make a significant different in your own life and therefore in the lives of others.

Choose for what you want to be and see, give and receive, teach and learn.
Choose to be grateful.
Choose to be peaceful.
Choose to be kind.

Every change will impact all aspects of your life today.
Blessings to us all,
Betty Lue

Four Agreements.  (by Don Miguel Ruiz)
  1. Make No Assumptions. 
  2. Keep Your Agreements. 
  3. Take Nothing Personally. 
  4. Always Give Your Best. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Choose Peace

I choose my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
I choose peaceful responses to have more peace.
I live in a peaceful home and work place.
I choose no harm with my thoughts, words or choices.

Choose Peace

If you want Peace, Choose Peace.
If you want Quiet, Be still.
If you want Love, Be Love.
If you want Fun, Safe and Easy, Be Happy, Loving and Peaceful.

Are we ready to understand we create our own experience?
Do we know how we affect others and how they relate to us?
Can we see the ways we teach others to be in our presence?
Perhaps now we can align with our own choice and make it so.

What do you believe about the life you have chosen?
Have you enjoyed conflict and arguing?
Do you like noisy chaotic experiences?
Are you a drama-lover and creator?

Look around you.
What do you see?
What do you hear?
How do you react?

You can change it.
You can see beauty.
You can hear quiet.
You can choose peace.

Peace is an option.
Your mind can seek peace.
Your emotions can be calmed.
Your breathing can be even and quiet.

Some fear peace will bring lethargy.
Some avoid peace and what may happen.
Some define peace as lifeless and empty.
Some recognize peace is healing and renewing.

From the depths of you there is peace.
In the quiet there are answers.
Within the stillness there is wisdom.
Listen within and know you are love.

I can choose peace instead of pain, chaos and conflict.
I choose peace.
I find great love, freedom and wisdom in Peace. 
My single goal is the Peace of God (Goodness).

I value the Good in us all.
Betty Lue 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fun, Safe And Easy!

I love to have fun and be happy.
I am at peace when I live safely.
I relax when life flows with ease.
I choose a fun, safe and easy life.

Fun, Safe and Easy Living

The freeway is fun, safe and easy, if you are paying attention.
Life is fun, safe and easy if you are paying attention.
If you are staying on path and on purpose, life is fun, safe and easy.
If you are following your inner guidance system, your life will be better than you imagine.

When there are bumps or obstacles, slow down and pay more attention.
Seek out the safe and easy way.
Trust what your GPS is showing you
Avoid the pitfalls and danger zones.
When you get off track and things become difficult, stop and ask if there is an easier way.
When you lose your trust and confidence, stop and ask for direction.
If you feel in a dangerous situation, seek protection and provision.
We are here to learn to take care of ourselves by what is around us.

The sights and sounds and experiences are showing us.
We can see what works best.
We have warning signs.
With attention, we can see what is fun, safe and easy.

If we want challenge, danger and serious adventures, we can have those as well.
It we are unwilling to change our choices, we can continue to have obstacles.
We can continue to do life our own way and hope for a different result.
But if we want a different outcome, we must learn and choose again.

Are you listening within?
Do you want an easier life?
Are you willing to undo what is not good for you?
Can you learn to let go?

If you do not know it can be better, you might do things the hard way.
If you do not want things to change, you may continue with the same.
If you prefer the challenge and difficulty, you may see the tough choices.
If you have made up your mind to do it your own way, you may never learn.

I suggest you let love guide you.
I know joy can light your way.
I see peace as the ideal outcome.
You can choose what you want.

You can make your life easier.
You can have lots more fun.
You can move in safe ways.
You deserve to have what you want.

Let’s choose wisely and well.
Loving you,
Betty Lue 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Prepared for Life

I let love lead the way.
I teach and lead by example.
I live my life as though all thought, words and activities matter.
I know who I am make a positive difference.

Are Kids and Youth Prepared for Life?

Are you prepared to be an adult?
Are you prepared to take care of yourself?
Did you learn how to get a job and maintain a budget?
Are you aware of professional dress, behavior and work relationships?

Somehow it seems few know how to be mature and be responsible.
When parents and grandparent do not know, where will our young people learn?
When kids see and hear disaster, divorces bankruptcies, disease and depression, how will they know?
We must all learn and practice the basics to earn our kids respect and admiration.

Consider the basics and see if you know any better.
When we know better, we can do better.
When our life is not working, we need to learn better.
When we are hiding our mistakes, we forget to get help to improve.

Do you learn from every adversity and challenge?
Are you open to letting someone teach you a better way?
Do you get frustrated or depressed by how hard life seems to be?
Are you willing to do the work to be happy and successful?

Are you a good role model from which others can learn?
Do you appreciate yourself for how hard you work and do better everyday?
Are you an effective parent, partner, employee and friend?
Do you improve your relationships with what you have learned from others?

Is your reaction to problems or people to get angry, upset, hurt, afraid?
Are you willing to learn how to be peaceful, respectful, helpful and kind?
Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family and/or children?
This is our time to step up and do the right thing to live the best way.

Below are some recommendations to teach our youth before they leave home.
Further down are some Recommendations for Adult to practice.
Is it possible that as a society we have become dependent on elders, government, welfare and lawsuits?
Are we ready to take back the power to become independent, hard-working, courageous and prosperous?

We can show our children how to work all day without complaining.
We can demonstrate that we prioritize our family first and put down the technology.
We are resources for learning cooking, cleaning, helping, learning, healing and having fun.
We can show up as the capable, generous and loveable people we are.

We can apologize for our mistakes.
We can look forward to a positive future.
We can be encouraging and resourceful in our parenting.
We can appreciate and enjoy our family life everyday.

We are the future in everyway we live today.
Let’s show up and pay attention to our real job.
We can make a difference in every relationship and situation.
We are here to love ourselves and our families and love life.

I am with you appreciating you and all you can do.
Betty Lue

14 Must-Have Life Skills for Teens  (and all of us!)
Don't let your child leave for college without mastering these key life skills!

For more details on each item, see teens/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=061117 <>

1.       How to do the laundry
2.       How to clean the bathroom
3.       How to plunge a toilet
4.       Basic first aid and CPR
5.       How to boil water — and more
6.       How to budget
7.       How to pay bills, manage a bank account, and pay taxes
8.       How to use a credit card
9.       Basic car maintenance
10.   How to read a map
11.   How to write a professional email
12.   How to manage their time and health
13.   Trusting their inner voice
14.   How (and when) to ask for help

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Thursday, June 22, 2017


I listen within and I know.
I trust my inner guidance.
My inner knowing guides a fun, safe and easy life.
I encourage all to trust what we know from within.

How Do You Know?

We think we know if we hear it from parents.
We may believe what we read in books or on internet.
We may think we know because the people around us know the same.
We often know what our teachers tell us.

How do you know what is “true” for you?
How do you experiment to learn what is true?
How can you trust what you know or think you know?
How long does what you believe you know stay accurate?

Most of us have some intuition naturally
….Maybe all of us are born with an inner knowing??
Many are born with an inner voice that knows what will keep us safe and happy.
Maybe all of us are born with an inner sense of what is good for us.
Often children learn early to listen to their parents for their safety rules and how to please elders.

When we trust others with our guidance, we often stop paying attention to what “feels” right to us.
We learn to follow what others do and give up our natural inner knowing.
We learn to follow rules, society’s values and keep their peace by doing what others teach us to do.
Consider the possibility that there is an intuition you still have to guide you to know what is good.

Intuition can direct us to avoid harm.
Intuition can teach us who to trust and believe.
Intuition can show us what is best.
Intuition can give us information to share with others.

We usually listen to reason, logic and common practice.
We may lose our ability and trust in our inner listening.
We may abandon our own natural instincts and intuition.
We may abort plans to follow our inner guidance.

Perhaps it is time to stop thinking and start listening within.
We may notice when we “heard” what to do and denied it.
You can begin to develop you psychic, telepathic, or intuitive knowing.
You can practice and watch to see how accurate and helpful it will be.

Life is often simply a remembering or rediscovery of our own knowing.
Our life journey may be more fun, safe and easy when we listen within.
We may discover we can trust our own inner guidance more than others beliefs.
Often we have more accurate responses when we are open and willing to know.

Sit quietly in a special place to still mind and body.
Bring a pad of paper and pen to write down answers or guidance your hear.
Write down the questions or what you prefer to heal.
Wait and listen for whatever comes and write without censoring.

Our intuition will bring happiness, peace and wisdom for you.
Love, trust and freedom work.
Betty Lue

What Is Intuition?
Intuition is the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.
It is our “inner voice,” our gut feeling, that “little something” instinctual from within, which tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic ... Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice or inner knowing.

When I listen to my inner guidance system, I often feel called to do or say something without understanding why.  Because I so trust in this inner knowing, I simply allow it to guide my life and the writing you see hear.
I often learn from what I share with you and others in counseling or teaching.
I let go of the need for proof. I trust that the knowing without knowing always gives me more good to share. 
It is from this feeling of openness and trust that I let go and am present with whatever I am given to do or say.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Is Here!!

I love novelty and learning.
I enjoy the freedom and joy children bring.
I make myself happy with the changes I make.
I love creating happy possibilities for myself and others.

Summer Is Here

Temperatures in the 100’s.
Kids are out of school.
Lots of light time every AM and PM.
Time for vacations and fun.

What are you going to do?
Keep cool.
Do something new.
Take a trip or adventure somewhere.

We have two or more kids here every week.
  (Grandkids and friends 7-18 yrs old)
It is a time of novelty and shared experiences.
There is time for board games and fun.
Everyone needs a break from work, at home, school and job.

What you do is celebrate how good life is.
The more you share the good times, the better you feel.
The more you share the sad or scary times, the worse you feel.
So use your summer time together sharing what is awesome!

Make plans to go to the ocean, lake or creek somewhere.
Or if no transportation, have fun in the sprinkler or shower.
Find different kinds of rocks and see what colors show up in water.
Check out the variation of leaves and see how many you can discover.

Give yourself a new favorite name for the week or forever.
Write a short story and take pictures or make a movie your cell phone.
Mix and match clothes in crazy ways and enjoy experimenting.
Create a skit switching roles with adults and kids, boys and girls.

We all learn from one another, but we need to listen and observe.
Adults need to stop telling and start asking for kids ideas and advice.
Everyone can learn how to get along with no yelling or arguing.
Our relationship harmony and enjoyment are key to future success.

Summer can provide the best and most practical learning of all.
Having fun is essential to releasing stress.
Enjoying what you do is key to feeling grateful.
Changing your mind when you want better is key to creativity.

Summer is the opportunity to lose weight, gain a friend, learn a new language.
Summer is time to dream of your future, paint, draw, play some music, help someone.
Summer is your time, whether for one day or weekend or the whole summer breatk.
Summer need not be wasted in laziness and over sleeping or watching TV,

Use your time wisely and well.
Enjoying it always,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Balancing Energies

Life is good and getting better day by day.
I choose to live my life well.
I am free and able to respond with conscious awareness everyday.
I honor my whole self with the Love and Good within me.

(Summer Solstice 9:24PM PDT)

Be Responsible for Your Energy

To be responsible means to respond with love.
Being responsible is freeing.
Being responsible feels safe.
Being responsible is paying attention.

It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves,
The responsible one is most conscious and conscientious.
Being responsible is doing what is best for all concerned.
Being responsible is balancing your energy.

If you are hot, cool off.
If you are upset, calm down.
If you are going to fast, slow down.
If you are going crazy, breathe deep and relax.

When you are over doing, pause and listen for a better way
If you are lethargic and bored, look around for what needs your attention.
Too much of anything is asking for less.
Too little is asking for more.

Notice what you notice.
Observe what is needed.
Respond with kind respect.
Tend to your own energy.

Especially during times of volatility, ensure your own peace.
Of course, when overwhelmed, seek and ask for reliable help.
When you find yourself in a situation you don’t want, leave. (even to the bathroom.)
Remember that you are responsible for your own choices.

Understand that your life is in your hands, so listen deeper to the highest guide.
Your own guidance system needs to get your attention.
Always choose for what is highest and best for all, especially you.
What is best for you will always bring happiness and inner peace.

You can choose today to walk away from unkind and disrespectful behaviors.
Today you can grow up and into the way you want to think and do and say.
You are the key to everything you seek for healing, learning, and choosing for Good.
Life is your gift and the mirror on which you can see what you need to clear and balance.

Make everyday the best day of your life.
When the light is bright, choose again for the best you know.
When you are awake and aware, begin where you are to clean up.
You can balance your energy with love today, because you are responsible and free.

Loving you,
Betty Lue