Monday, August 03, 2020

Turn Around!

I seek to see the love in all things.
I give love when I seem myself lacking in love.
I am willing to see things differently.
I affirm the love in me to see the love in you.

Turn Around.

Stop barking up the wrong tree.
If you want to see, look in another direction.
Stop trying to make the round peg fit in the square hole.
When it doesn’t work, it isn’t working.

Are you spending your energy trying too hard?
Are you wasting your time and money on getting what you want?
Are you doing everything you can to get someone to love you?
Do you love too much thinking they will love you back?

Many believe sacrifice is the key to success.
Some teach “just try harder.”
You may believe that giving more will get you more.
Why not simply turn around your thinking, speaking and behaving?

There is a prevalent belief that you can “get” what you want.
Then women (especially) get depressed when they don’t “get” it.
We need to learn that “getting” what you want comes from giving what you have.
First give your best to you.

When you affirm yourself, you learn to love.
When you believe in yourself, you learn to trust.
When you do what you want, you learn to free yourself.
When you are full of love, you learn you can share what you have without losing.

When you give without giving away anything, you realize you are in the flow of loving kindness.
When you allow yourself to receive what you give, you recognize how unlimited you are.
When you appreciate what you have and give, you understand that love is for giving.
And when you are giving your love, you experience the gift you really are.

Give to those who appreciate your giving.
Share with those who value your sharing.
Enjoy those who value you and enjoy you.
Respect and appreciate those who respect and appreciate you.

It is time we remember to celebrate those who love and give.
It is wise to practice attracting those who love to give.
It recycles the best in us when we appreciate those who give us their best.
We in turn will be inspired to give even more to continue the circle of love.

It seems like people have learned to fear loving for goodness sake.
Some feel guilty when they stop trying so hard and to fix things.
When you give because you love, you will feel fully satisfied.
When you love because you love, you will feel fulfilled.

Love for Goodness sake simply for the joy of loving.
Look deeper inside see what you heart says.
Give for the joy of giving.
Live for the gift of loving.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Doing Your Best!

I am always doing my best.
I allow myself to be as I am.
I let go of seeking approval.
I trust I am good enough.

Do Your Best!

I know I do my best.
There are folks who want more of me.
I can only give what I have to give.
I will always do my very best to everyone.

I believe others are doing their best.
With the limited amount of information, we do what we can.
With limited time and energy, we do our best.
With human error and misunderstanding, we all do our best.

Sometimes people are lazy, ignorant or neglectful.
Sometimes people are prejudiced and lacking in compassion.
Sometimes people are selfish and self-centered.
Sometime human being are immature and uncaring.

We can still do our best.
We can support ourselves.
We can forgive ourselves and others.
We can apologize and move on.

Doing our best often requires expanding our understanding.
We are where we are to learn from everything and everyone.
We can grow our own compassion and forgiveness.
We are capable of being consistently growing in our own self-love.

When I feel misunderstood, I choose to accept myself.
When I feel tired of trying, I breathe in more energy and trust.
When I don’t know what more to do, I love and respect myself.
When I feel alone, I let go and let God, surrendering to the Highest and Best for all.

People can only see what is at their own level.
People only believe what they choose to believe.
People tend to judge what is more than they know.
People often judge before they are willing to appreciate.

Consider what you can do to feel secure in your best.
See what you can find in you to trust is safe with you.
Observe with peace in your heart asking always for the highest Good.
Give your love the way you know and trust your love is enough.

Life expands our abilities.
Life asks that we open our heart more.
Life teaches us to learn more and share more.
Life is the reflection of our own call for loving.

We are the ones sent here to Love, everyone, including ourselves.
We are called to forgive everyone and everything, including ourselves.
When we are willing, we know we are giving our best for the return to Goodness for All.
Loving all of us, as we are.
Betty Lue


People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; 
Forgive them anyway. 

If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; 
Be kind anyway. 
If you are successful, you will win some false friends 
and some true enemies; 
Succeed anyway. 

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; 
Be honest and frank anyway. 
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; 
Build anyway.                      
If you find serenity and happiness, there may be jealousy; 
Be happy anyway. 

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; 
Do good anyway. 

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; 
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway. 
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; 
It was never between you and them anyway.  

Mother Theresa
Adapted from Paradoxical Commandments by Kent Keith

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Rough Spots?

I am committed to listen, observe and learn from all things.
I choose the highway, the best way for me.
Life works for me when I learn to do the work.
I know I am loved even in the dark and difficult times.

Are You Learning?

“When the going gets tough, the “tough” get going.”
Are you experience bumps in the road?
Are you Paying attention to where you are going?
Are you doing what is right and true for you?

 Everything is a lesson we are here to learn.
The faster we learn, the easier the going.
We need to stop believing someone or something else will do the work for you.
All things work together for good, when we do “the work”.

Isn’t it time to pay attention to the path we are on?
Of course, there are challenges and bumps on the way.
Of course, we need to pay attention when we cannot see the future.
Of course, we need to know what we want and how to live.

When we stay on the road, we don’t go into the bushes or over a cliff.
When we remember to do the right thing for the right reason, we have an easier ride.
When we make a mistake, we can most easily forgive our self-judgment and correct our choice.
When we stop complaining and stop judging, we can change course and back on our way again.

It is time to correct our errors and choose again for what is true for us.
It is time to stop waiting for someone else to solve our problems.
It is time to do our homework every day with a positive attitude.
We are responsible for learning and living our best daily.

Are you attending to someone else and not looking at your own direction?
Are you allowing others to choose for you to seek their approval?
Are you following what other people are doing and neglecting your own life?
Are you busy listening to others who are making the same mistakes/

Begin listening to your own inner guidance.
Choose the way that fills you with inspiration.
Listen to the common sense that teaches your right from wrong.
Acknowledge when you have made an error with “I am sorry.”

  • Do you know what your destination is in life?
  • Do you have guiding principles of how to live?
  • Are you aware of what gives you the will to find the Good?
  • Do you listen to your own inner voice and follow your heart?
  • Are you aware of how to care for the best in you?
  • Do you live as thought your life really matters?
  • Are you always caring and sharing the lessons you learn?
  • Do you pay attention to what you do daily with your time, money and energy?

You can live a good life beginning today when you listen and follow your inner Way.
Loving you all the way
Betty Lue

Friday, July 31, 2020

Life Is Good!

I believe in you.
I trust in Love.
I know life is Good.
I find what I seek. 

You Better Believe It!

Life is good, when you believe it is.
Life is miraculous, if you look for miracles.
Life is our teacher, when you want to learn
Life is a reflection of our inner selves, when you are willing to look in the mirror.

When you look with wonder at the world in which you live, you will be filled with wonder.
What you wonder, you will see.
What you seek you will find.
Keep seeking the wonderful life you desire and deserve.

As a child of Love, you believe in Love.
As you give your blessings, you feel blessed.
As you are reminded of your innocence, you see the lack of love.
Our world is calling us to remember Love, to be Love, to see Love and to give Love.

When you fall into fear, you are deceived by the world of fearful thinking.
When you stand up for love, you are awakened into a life of goodness.
When you have forgotten what to see and be, always seek the Highest.
When you are remembering your truth, you will see miracles of Love.

Your power is in what you believe.
Forgive false or limiting beliefs.
Forgiveness erases what is false.
Remember what is good and whole and beautiful.

Life gives us choice in which way to go.
Our choices teach us we have free will.
We can live with Love at the core of our being.
We can forsake what is our way of Love.

When we learn from experience that we can choose, we may experiment and explore.
When we lose our right thinking, we may neglect right perception and see falsely.
When we awake and choose wisely what we really desire, we see with clarity our own Goodness.
This is the way we learn to live with forgiveness, choice and gratitude.

What we conceive and believe, we will achieve and receive.
Imagine your ideal life with your ideal relationships in an ideal world.
Believe with all your heart and mind, you can find the Goodness you desire.
Seek and you will find, create, manifest and enjoy your ideal.

Keep believing. 
We create what we wholeheartedly think and believe.
We forgive and erase what is not truly good for us.
We always find what we seek without end.

Life is our mirror and a reflection of our thoughts.
It is time to refuse what is not.
It is time to enjoy and appreciate what is our joy.
Let us be the miracle workers in our own world.

Learn and Play.
Work and Pray.
With Everyone in Every way.
Life is Good because you believe it is.

Love you, 
Betty Lue

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Where Are You Going?

I believe we are free to give and live our best.
I know we are called to be happy and healthy.
I recognize and release the false self-made limitations.
I know what I want and go for it with all my heart.

See Purpose Exercise below!

What Is Your Plan?

Leo is a great time to vision.
Fire Sign months have the energy to look into your future plans.
It is a great time to vacation, meditate, listen for what your heart calls forth.
Who are you really and What do you really want?

Do stop and look at the quality of your whole life?
Are you aware of the missing pieces and loss?
Is there something urging a change for the better?
How do you stop  your own inspiration and desire?

What is your ultimate goal in life?
Money, fame, accomplishment, relationships, inner peace, service?
How do you see yourself achieving what you really want ?
Are you willing to devote the attention needed to succeed?

Do You believe others will do it for you?
Are you relying on inheritance, marriage, luck or lottery?
Did you lose your confidence and creativity for Good?
Are you in need of a change in people, environment or attitude?

Maybe you forgot that you are the creator of your own “destiny”.
Maybe you learned that some are doomed to fail and others to succeed.
Maybe you have decided it is not worth  your effort to “go for it”.
Maybe you just got caught in handling everyday details to fix stuff.

It could be time to step away.
I might be time to dream a little.
Perhaps you want to really change your life.
Maybe you could live your life your way—whole and happy and free?

How to begin.
Dream the impossible dream and trust it is possible.
Write it down in detail, describing how you want to feel.
Then look for the steps involved to get out of your own doubts, fears and uncertainty.

Begin by freeing your mind from negativity.
Forgive past “failures” which are simply learning you need.
Relinquish your regrets, guilt, criticism and blame.
They sabotage what you want most.

This is your dream and your future!
It is not for others to understand or make happen.
This is your heart’s desire waiting for you to say “YES!”
When you are open and willing, 100% giving your all, the Universe supports you fully.

Take off the brakes and give yourself a break.
No more excuses or explanations or doubts or self-deprecation.
It is your time to lift off and fly free of the shackles that bind you.
Write it out and it will be there for you when you have no doubt.

Trust and free yourself to full live your passion and purpose.
I believe in you.
Betty Lue

Once you become aware of what really inspires and guides you, you will begin to focus on it daily.
Your purpose becomes your guiding light.
You breathe it and live it and share it in all you are and do!!
You will attract to you all good and only good for your highest purpose.


What do I really want in my life?
(Make a list of at least 20 wants. Freely write down everything that comes to mind, with no censoring or limits.)
What does your heart want for you?
What is your simplest wish for yourself?
What do you really want to have?
What do you really want to be?
What do you really want to do?

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Work and Enjoy It!

Love sustains, expands and creates abundance with Joy.
My work offers learning, healing, creating and brings me joy.
I do what I Love and Love what I do at work and play.
My livelihood energizes and rejuvenates my life.

Do You Work with Enjoyment? 

Do you know how to work and enjoy what you are doing?
If you have too much work each day, it is time to simplify your life.
Life is about doing what you love to do. 
Balanced living is when we do what is needed and then do what we want to do.

Sleep enough and feel rested.
Eat well and feel energized.
Do what is yours to do and feel productive.
Enjoy everything you have done.

Wherever you are, leave it in better shape than when you came.
Pick up your trash, even if others have left it trashy.
Clean up the dishes in the sink, even if not yours.
Do all the laundry, as a courtesy to others.

We all live more prosperously, when we share the work.
We teach others to be better, when we do more than our fair share.
We feel more giving and generous, when we are more helpful to others.
We recognize how much can be done, when we do as much as we can.

Can you challenge yourself to do more each day?
Are you willing to clean up your bedroom, kitchen and home?
Are you open to pay all your bills this month and this year, even if in debt?
Do you know you are unlimited with energy, when you have enthusiasm and gratitude?

When you enjoy what you are doing, others will be more willing to do their work.
When you are happy to do the work, others will feel grateful and not guilty.
When you work with appreciation for yourself, you will influence others to work with appreciation.
When you encourage yourself to feel grateful to be able to work, you will do your best.

With a positive attitude, work goes faster and is done better with your gratitude and joy.
Work becomes a challenge, when we feel threatened, criticized and pushed.
When we want help, we must learn to ask for help and appreciate what is given.
Our attitude changes everyone and everything.

What are you learning from your life work and those around you?
Who do you influence by how you live and speak, work and play?
How can you demonstrate your best Self with everyone by going first?
What can you do to live your life in the way you want others to live theirs.

We teach best by how we share your feelings about working.
We remember most when we live true to our own philosophy of life.
We learn the most when we teach what is highest and best for all, including outselves.
WE are the most influential when we are happy everyday.

No complaints, because I choose to be grateful.
Loving you in learning from your choices,
Betty Lue