Friday, January 21, 2022

Allow, Allow, Allow


I release and I let go.

Love is freedom and trust.

Love is letting go of fear.

I allow everything to be as it is.

Let It Be

Letting go can be difficult, if you at attached.

Letting go can be scary, if you feel disconnected.

Letting go can freeing, if you feel limited.

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy, if you trust.

Life flows.

Changes come and go.

Everything is changing all the time.

Change is the only constant in the physical world.

When we get stuck or attached, we may feel like we are dying.

When we set ourselves free, we may feel like we can live again.

When we are trying to make things stay the same, we may feel frustrated.

When we are encouraging change to happen, we may feel delighted.

We can make the choice.

Are you attached and frustrated or trusting change and feeling delight?

We can encourage or resist the process of change.

We can choose to make life hard or easy.

Flow with what is.

Let go and let Good.

Stay in the present moment and be peaceful.

Try to be in the past and feel pressure to change.

What do you cling to?

Where are you limiting yourself?

What keeps you stuck?

Where are you attached to someone or something?

Life is changing exponentially.

If we flow with changes, we can allow and enjoy the ride.

If we hang on the roller coaster of change, we may feel scared, hurt, angry and in danger.

When we join the flow, we can actually direct its course in our lives.

Subtle redirection of our energies can shift the flow our way.

Simple affirmations can guide our course for ease and grace.

Willingness to let go can enable the path to be gentle and natural.

Trusting in the highest outcome can inspire us to enjoy the change.

Be with what it.

Appreciate where you are.

Enjoy those who are going along with you.

Stop fighting the tide and enjoy the ride.

Loving you by allowing us all to be as we are,

Betty Lue

Thursday, January 20, 2022



I easily inspire myself and others everyday.

Life is a place of joy and gratitude.

I love inspiring others with what inspires me.

I know the Spirit of unconditional Love within me.


Where we are inspired, we live well.

When we are inspired, we love well.

How we are inspired, we trust well.

Inspiration is our Strength and our Sustenance.

What lifts your spirit?

What makes you happy?

What gives you hope?

What makes your heart sing?

What fills you with Joy?

What encourages you to create?

Where do you love to give?

What empowers you?

Therein lies your source of inspiration.

I write to you everyday because it inspires me.

I counsel and coach everyday because it inspires me.

I enjoy keeping our home beautiful because it inspires me.

Laughing, learning, listening, letting go all inspires me.

I am inspired by cooking and sharing quality time with my partner.

I am inspired as I watch the lake and mountains from my desk.

I am inspired by the folks I know who love and give to others.

I am inspired by the amazing talents and creative expressions I see in humanity.

I feel Spirit when I read inspired writings.

I feel Spirit when I share love at a spiritual service.

I feel Spirit when I watch children learn and play.

I feel Spirit when I listen quietly within.

When I know I have contributed to others’ well-being I am inspired.

When I see others experience inner peace I am inspired.

When I teach how to love our children better, I am inspired.

When I watch nature show its beauty, I am inspired.

Life is amazing and miraculous.

Love produces more love when we value Love.

Friendship connects us in ways far deeper than words can say.

When we are inspired, we remember we are one.

When you feel inspired, you are an inspiration to others.

Let your Love, Joy, Gratitude and Inspiration show.

You can wake up your world to be fully alive and in love again.

Inspire others in all you think and say and do.

Inspired and Inspiring one another,

Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Waste Not, Want Not!


Everyday in every way I use my time wisely.

I choose to give time to what inspires me.

I choose to spend time with people with whom I learn and grow.

I choose to live my time with what matters most to me.

Don’t Waste Time!

Time is valuable.

You can spend it any way you want.

You can waste it or give it away.

You can share it and appreciate it.

Time is a gift to be used wisely.

You can give it no value.

You can forget and neglect it.

You can give it to others.

What did you accomplish Yesterday?

Did you learn something?

Did you earn something?

Did you do what you wanted?

What will you use your time for this year?

Have you looked at your goals and projects?

Have you clarified your values and morals.

Have you decided what makes you happy?

How are you spending your time?

Who are you giving your time to?

What is the value of the time you spend?

Do you spend each day with no regrets?

When you go to bed happy and peaceful, you have spent your day well.

When you wake up in the morning feeling ready to enjoy the day, you are choosing well.

When you choose what you want to do and with whom, you are using time the right way for you.

When you live your life your way, you will have no complaints and will feel satisfied.

Consider looking at your time management.

Write down all the ways you spend you time in a single day.

Cooking, shopping, cleaning, phone time, internet, talking, walking , at work, exercise, personal hygiene, sleeping, eating, working, gossip, writing, managing, commuting, creating, reading, TV, video games, etc.

Write down your ideal take and expenditure of time on what you love and prefer.

The work is to begin to eliminate what you don’t like or value. 

Do more of what you really love and enjoy.

Do less of what you don’t value or enjoy.

Change your mind about those time expenditures you believe you need to do.

Your time is yours to use as you choose.

Your energy is to be given to what restores your energy.

What you don’t like will drain your energy.

What you love will inspire and fulfill you.

Be a conscious guardian and good steward of your time.

Loving us all as we learn mastery of our lives.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Telling Our Truth


I am open to seeing what is real.

I know I only know what I think I know.

I am limited in my perception.

I trust there is another way of looking at everything.

Telling the Truth

Are we telling our version of the truth?

Are we telling the truth others want to hear?

Do we believe the truth we tell?

Do we even know the “truth”?

It is our perception of what we see and hear and feel.

It is our understanding based on what we have experienced.

It is only a facsimile of what we this we know.

Words we use are interpreted by those who hear us.

Perception is influenced by how we feel and what we believe.

When we seek to excuse or justify, we can fine truth to corroborate.

When we seek to get justice, we will find evidence to prove ourselves right.

When we seek to accuse or blame, we can conjure up “facts” to make our case.

It is essential to find peace and release of fear by perceiving at a deeper level.

When words stand in the way of looking and listening deeper, we must pause and step back.

When we are righteous in our attempt to know what we know,  we may use everything to prove ourselves.

When we step away from our opinions, beliefs and judgments, we may begin to see things differently.

We may be attached to our story.

We may want to feel safe in our perception.

We may deny our choice in the experience.

We may believe we are only a fair witness.

When it is time to release our fears:

We begin to forgive and release our judgments.

We show us and look within.

We become responsible for our choices.

We forgive our mistakes and choose again.

We seek the higher ground.

We want to learn and find peace.

We claim our part and see things differently.

When we see things from a “less than” perspective, we may feel guilt, regret and sorry.

When we see things from a “better than” position, we may feel denial, blame and victimized.

When we are willing to see things as they are, we can trust that learning and benefit will follow.

We can see all things working together for good, when we trust in value of learning and healing.

Are you open and willing to see more and learn more?

Are you willing to let go of your judgments and fears?

Can you see things differently as you see from other’s perspective?

Can you stop projecting your judgments and start perceiving another way of seeing?

I am willing to open my mind and see things another way.

Loving us all, 

Betty Lue

Monday, January 17, 2022


 "The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr


My life is in order.

I am free to create the life I want.

I put people before things.

Order in everyday affairs happiness, health and inner peace.

First Things First!

What comes first?

Are you priorities what you really value?

When all is done, is your life an example of what matters to you?

Are you using your time and energy wisely?

When everything is in order, there is plenty of time to do what matters most.

When everything is in chaos, there is limited time to find, figure out and do what is right for you.

When your mind is conflicted and confused, time is lost trying to get on track.

When you are lazy or procrastinating, life will be in charge and you may feel out of control.

Put away childish habits and immature choices.

Choose what is really valuable today and in your future.

Give yourself credit when credit is due.

Your wise and mature choices will be reflected in the harmony and success in your life.

Simple daily assessment.

Are the dishes done?

Are the bills paid?

Is my bedroom tidy?

Have I apologized (made amends) for my mistakes?

Am I eating, sleeping and being productive everyday?

Do I share my gratitude with those I value?

When I go to bed, do I feel content?

If not, where do you begin to take charge of your life?

How do you find freedom in an “unfree” world?

Who or what do you depend on to get things done?

How much do you really want to have a happy, healthy good life?

This is your time to live and learn from your own life.

Before you mind another’s business. mind your own business.

Before you waste your energy complaining about someone else, clean up your own act.

Before you distract and delay yourself, get busy doing what needs to be done for you.

There is always time to do what needs to be done.

Feed your family well.

Be kind to one another.

Listen to what really matters.

Give attention to real needs.

Turn off the TV and step away from your computer.

Set down your phone and look around you.

Handle what is there in front of you with ease and gratitude.

What matters is that you demonstrate you wisdom, love and courage in giving your very best.

Life is to be lived well.

Clarify your priorities.

Align with your values.

Live your principles.

Reach your goals.

You can, when you believe you can.

Just DO IT!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Family Harmony


I choose to create harmony in myself and my relationships.

I live with honesty, respect and responsibility.

I appreciate my family and humanity with my thoughts, words and activities.

I teach by example and live what I teach.

Create Harmony in Your Family!

Family Rules for Parents (from my then 9 yr. old granddaughter)

#1 Don’t yell……unless absolutely necessary. 

When asked what would make it necessary.  She said, “To stop someone from getting hurt.”

#2 Don’t get angry, when someone is having a tantrum, Comfort them.

#3 Give everyone responsibilities—so they don’t get spoiled.

#4 Only give allowance or rewards, when their responsibilities are done.

I grew up with a large extended family in Michigan, where everyone helped everyone.

No matter what the difference in ages, education, beliefs, or culture, everyone got along.

There was willingness to be truly helpful and caring, kindness and sharing.

At annual family reunion, everyone helps to prepare meals, takes care of kids and clean up.

I was part of a family team where we had similar goals, total honesty and all participated.

We were committed to finding solutions where everyone was happy and no one felt lost or left out.

We were all give responsibilities appropriate for our age and all did our jobs happily.

Because this is what I experienced from 1 yr. old, it is natural for me to be helpful and respectful.

I grew up in a family with no yelling, threats or demands.

I grew up in a family with no fighting, name-calling or blaming.

I grew up in a family with no gossip, shameful or unhappy story telling.

I grew up in a family with no worry or fear-mongering.

There was simply love, trust and freedom to be and do as we chose.

There was strong faith in God, with no special religious beliefs, accepting all religions.

There was a happy desire to be helpful and kind to one another and humanity.

There was  a deep calling to do Good in our world, beginning with our own family.

Key guidelines for all relationships and families, businesses and partnerships.

Respect one another with no hurting physically, emotionally or financially.

Be responsible for your words and behavior, actions and inaction.

Cooperate by caring for one another, doing what is fair, sharing what you have.

When everyone helps everyone, the work gets done.

When everyone helps everyone, we all have fun.

When everyone helps everyone, we feel like one.

When everyone helps everyone, life is fun, safe and easy.

I believe you can change your world by changing you.

What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue’

Begin by writing down what you want in your home!

Then everyday in everyday Practice, Practice, Practice.

You can when you think you can.

Some Guidelines for a Respectful Household

Your Home is your sanctuary and safe haven.

Remove shoes when entering your home. 

(Have some place to neatly set them.)

Keep  home clear of clutter and clean.

Speak with respect to one another at all times.

Say ”please” and “thank you”.

No yelling, arguing or rough play inside. 

Take it outside if necessary.

Do not yell across the house to get someone’s attention.  

Walk closer to talk to people.

Keep noise down by using earphones or headsets.

Respect the requests of those who are responsible for the home.

Eat at the table and clean up after yourself.  

Be responsible and cooperate with those asking for help.