Monday, February 12, 2024

What To Say?





I speak from my heart with healing inspiring words.

I tell the highest truth I know.

I share what is good and whole and loving.

I am inspired and encouraged by the words I say and write.

What To Say?

We are here to communicate Love.

We are here to tell the Universal Truth.

We are here to be truly helpful.

We are here to use our lives to learn and teach Love.

Love and Truth are inspiring.

Love and Truth are encouraging.

Love and Truth are evolving.

Love and Truth are helpful.

When we speak, we are creating.

When we speak, we are connecting.

When we speak, we are transforming.

When we speak, we are inviting communion.

When we use language to clarify, understanding comes.

When we use language to communicate, connection happens.

When we use language to share love, safety is the outcome.

When we use language to encourage, everyone is inspired.

You can tell how you are using your words by the result.

When you feel happy and free, you have spoken with love and truth.

When you feel tired and stuck, you have spoken with fear and opinion.

When we feel safe and connected, happy and inspired, you have spoken truly.

Life is the reflection of what it is we have chosen with our thoughts, words and deeds.

Life changes with our use of language, both inner and outer thoughts and words.

Life shows us within ourselves and in others what is true and loving, as we share with our speech.

Life gives us unlimited opportunities to reclaim, apologize and choose again for the truth we want to say.

Watch your words.

Are they what you want to hear?

Do you feel blessed with what you say?

Are you encouraged, inspired and enlivened by the language you use?

It may be time to be quiet, until you find what is good for you.

What is good and true and loving for you, will bless you and others, too.

When you give what is hurtful, false, limiting and fearful, you have not spoken well.

It is good for us to turn away from our own unkind words to create a path to peace and love.

Give your words to love today.

Say what is healing and kind to say.

Encourage others to follow you.

Show the way with your own forgiveness, choice and gratitude.

Loving you and me as we set ourselves free to be truly Good, Whole and Loving.

Betty Lue