Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Create Your Day!




I live well because I choose to create everyday well.

Every day is a beautiful loving gift to me and my world.

I pay attention to what I manifest and correct my mistakes quickly.

I enjoy the life I have created for myself with all I learn and choose.

Create Your Day!

Begin today to create what you truly want to be.

Start the moment you awaken to imagine and envision.

Speak words aloud and in your mind.

It is your thoughts and words that begin your life.

Choose the pictures you carry in your heart/mind.

Enliven them with your heartfelt intention.

Put your hands and feet to work to energize.

Write down what you want and choose to do.

Planning and preparing is part of the energization process.

Get out of bed and begin to put in motion what you want.

It does so much to just conceive and believe to achieve.

What we may forget or neglect is to get moving.

Do the work.

Desire and intention are the initiation of the creative process.

Sitting and pondering stalls your energy.

We must put energy into motion to see any results.

The work may be a step by step plan.

The work may be creating a collage or vision board.

The work may be learning how to plan a successful outcome.

The work may be reading a book which you outline and follow.

In every case creating is not magical or mystical.

Creating requires clear intention and focused attention from start to finish.

Just as we create a child, a home, a job, we need to follow thru every step of the way.

When we neglect or forget to nurture and nourish, protect and provide, it may not manifest to our liking.

Our day requires showing up and being present with what is to be.

Our day asks that we care enough to give our very best to manifest.

Our day insists that we correct our mistakes immediately with apology.

Our day needs us to be honest and live our truth with everyone all the time.

This is your day in which you can rejoice or regret.

This is your day to tell your truth or listen to others.

This is your day to be real as you feel what is right for you.

This is your day to appreciate and celebrate what is yours.

Give yourself the best you think and say and do today and every day.

One day at a time, you create the Life You Want to have.

I am loving you and me every day, 

Betty Lue