Saturday, February 03, 2024





I learn easily from everyone and everything.

I love to learn and enhance my awareness.

Learning is fun, safe and easy for me.

I teach what I learn to expand my learning.


What did you learn today?

What are you learning now?

Are you open and willing to learn more?

Are you getting the messages you want to hear?

Have you learned all that you came here to know?

Have you taken the time to receive all you are given?

Are you awake enough to really get what is yours?

Are you too arrogant or ignorant to want to learn more?

Some say everything is a Lesson in Love.

Some believe that life is a Learning Laboratory.

Some see life as a Univers-City.

You can learn to succeed or ignore and fail.

Every relationship offers ways to learn and grow.

Every experience gives us time to learn and know.

Every moment we have things to choose.

Every conversation we can learn more.

We develop positive study and learning habits when we pay attention.

When we judge our failures, we can get stuck in blame and victimization.

We can advance quickly in life by listening to our own inner guidance.

When we follow the crowd, we make the same mistakes as we see in others.

Seek teachings and teachers that you respect and admire.

Observe how they learned and made their lives succeed.

Practice daily using the principles of trust and freedom.

Forgive mistakes easily and try, try, try again.

It is never too late to learn.

Mistakes are never a problem for the active learner.

Life is never ending and constant learning and improving.

Stay alive, awake and enthusiastic about learning.

Appreciate your own learning practices.

Acknowledge others’ learning as well.

Enjoy learning and share what you are learning.

Watch others be inspired to learn along with you.

Loving our willingness to continue our learning and growth,

Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”