Sunday, February 04, 2024

All Good




I am blessed with Good.

I share the Good I have.

I receive the Good I share.

I am grateful to share the good in my life.

Goodness Created Us Good.

We are here to be Good.

We are here to do Good.

We are here to have Good.

Goodness is what we came to teach and share.

It takes so little to do so much.

We must recognize We Are the Good We seek.

We must remember we came from Good to share the Good.

We must realize our own Goodness.

Within each one of us there is everything Good and Whole and Beautiful.

Within you and me we have what we need for true prosperity.

Within all humanity we are created to be the paradise of Love we seek.

What is required is to access and live the Goodness within ourselves.

When we see ourselves as flawed, so it is we live our mistaken identity.

When we believe we are sick, wounded or victims, we live our misbeliefs, we not capable.

When we fear our own negativity, resentment, guilt and regret, we withhold our power.

When we forgive our self-limiting thoughts, opinions, fears and doubts, we are free.

Our lives offer us everything we want.

We are free to choose and change.

We are filled with unlimited possibility.

We have access to wisdom and power.

We can be whatever we set our mind and intention to be.

We can undo what is not true and whole and loving.

We can step away from limiting beliefs and opinions.

We can forgive and erase and choose again and again.

Life gives us the choice to walk on any path.

We can choose any place, person or thing.

We can have as much or little access to Goodness.

We can Conceive and Believe whatever we choose to Achieve.

And so it is we awaken and remember.

Life shows us the way to whatever we choose.

When we allow others to choose for us, we neglect our own Self Realization.

Everyday, we can step away and choose again.

Be the Good.

See the Good.

Share the Good.

Have the Good Life.

Loving the Goodness!

Betty Lue