Friday, February 23, 2024





My home is my sanctuary and a place of peace.

I love my home and it loves me.

My home is orderly, clean and harmonious.

I create a home which totally loves and inspires me. (wherever I Am)

Coming Home

Have you noticed that coming home feels good?

Have you experienced being away gives a new perspective?

Have you imagined your own home coming?

Have you noticed how some want to go away and some want  to come home?

When home is a safe and loving space, home is where we want to be.

When home is unsafe, critical and difficult, we want to stay away from home?

Humans naturally want what feels safe and healthy and peaceful.

Both adults and children, male and female, want home to be a happy place.

Is your home happy?

Do you feel safe at home?

Do you wish relationships that are loving and kind?

Do you feel appreciated at home?

Some make their own safe place, at home or work or out in nature.

Some find a happy place in their own imagination.

Some choose to hide in their rooms or in video and books.

Some simply spend as much time as they can away from home.

People and animals seek shelter from the storms in life.

If relationships are stormy, people run for cover and prepare to weather the storm.

If homes are dirty, chaotic, unsafe, people tend to be unhappy and unhealthy.

If our nesting and resting place feels healing, positive and life-affirming, we like to be at home.

Ask yourself how you feel about your home, your room, your relationships, your life.

If you are content and feel peace and inspired, you seek more of the experience.

If you are upset, distressed and depressed, you may want to leave or hide from the experiences.

It is healthy to notice and then choose what you want to do to have home be best for you.

The home we live in affects is physically, mentally and emotionally.

When the home is in disarray, we may not be able to think or work well.

When our relationships are upsetting, critical or unhappy, we may get sick, angry or sad.

When our lives fit with our human needs for safety, security and belonging, we can achieve more easily.

Take a look around you and listen to what you hear.

If your home environment can be better for you, make it so.

If you relationships can be more supportive, make it so.

If you attitude and responses can be safer, make it so.

You can be the difference in your own life.

Choose what supports, inspires and encourages the best you!

I seek only to support, inspire and encourage the Best You!

Betty Lue