Saturday, February 24, 2024

Be Responsible For Your Choices




I choose what I want.

I decide the goals I want to achieve.

I appreciate all the choices I make and learn from them.

When I take responsibility for my life, I make better and better choices.

What Way Are You Going?

When you get in your car, you usually know where you are going?

When you want to go somewhere, you usually know the destination?

When you make a phone call, you usually know who you want to talk with?

If you want satisfaction, you need to know what, where, how and with whom?

In these times of media for entertainment and “off time”, people often just sit and watch. 

We often scroll on our phones, computers, or watch TV without choosing what we want to see.

So whatever randomly shows up is what we watch, listen to and learn from.

When we don’t screen or know what we are watching, we allow anything to come in.

When we get up and don’t know what we are going to do, we have no destination.

When we start talking and allow whatever to be shared, we have no desired outcome.

When we let life happen to us, we become at the effect or “victims” of whatever is around us.

When we see our energy and feelings go in the wrong direction, we need to stop and choose again.

We seem to have forgotten to watch where we are going.

We may have neglected to set goals, desires or direction.

We may eventually lose our own inner compass and values.

We may have learned to allow whatever is to be with no choice.

We have a choice about what our day will be.

We have a choice about who we associate with.

We have a choice about what we talk about.

We have a choice about how we feel and what we reveal.

Every day is ours to choose.

When we choose to reminisce, we may go backwards and sink into what was.

When we choose to be entertained, we may allow whatever is on the screen to be our entertainment.

When we choose to buy whatever is on sale, we may allow advertisers to control our expenditures.

When we stop choosing what we want, we no longer choose what is “right” for us.

When we forget that we have a voice, we may no longer believe we can stop what is wrong.

When we neglect our power of saying YES and NO, we may forget and neglect which way to go.

We become people without conscious choice and victims of our own lack of unwillingness to be responsible.

When you go to bed, create you picture of a good night’s sleep.

When you awaken, choose your own ideal day to achieve and enjoy.

When you talk with someone on the phone, choose what is best for both of you.

When you need to make a decision, make sure you are deciding what is good for you.

Life is ours to choose or lose.

We are here to awaken and make choices.

We learn from making choices that work and the ones that don’t work.

When we take responsibility, we learn to simply choose again.

Be responsible to choose where to go, whom to talk with and what outcome to achieve.

Say YES to what is good and right and true for you.

Say NO to what is bad and wrong and untrue for you.

You are responsible for your choices and learn!

Loving us all as we learn together.

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.