Thursday, February 01, 2024

Appreciate and Celebrate




I appreciate and celebrate all the gifts in my life.

Everyday in every way my life is better and better.

I fully enjoy the life I have and it brings joy to me.

What I give to my life, it reflects right back to me.

Give Thanks!

Are you truly thankful for the life you have?

You have chosen it as it is.

When you want more, you will let go and choose more.

When you care enough to make a new choice, you will.

Most people prefer the comfort of the same.

Whether complaining or changing, most keep things as they are.

Some are habituated to complaining and some simply want the same.

To make a change requires letting go and choosing again consciously.

It is easy to take things for granted.

It is easy to trust that things will stay the same.

It is easy to be unconscious about our lives.

We must awaken to really appreciate what we have.

To stay awake and aware requires willingness to be conscious.

To truly see and appreciate what is ours asks only that we stay awake.

To have more of what we value, we must receive, enjoy, appreciate and celebrate.

Life asks that we give praise where praise is due.

Value what you have.

Value who you are.

Value your achievements.

Appreciate your creations.

To give praise feeds positive energy.

To appreciate increases the value.

To be grateful acknowledges the work.

To celebrate shares the good will and worth.

We are worthy of the life we have.

When we live our lives well, we have good lives.

When we ignore the value of our lives, we lose the enjoyment.

When we deny ourselves appreciation and celebration, we become stagnant and stuck.

Have you taken time today to appreciate your whole life?

Are you grateful for your physical and mental health?

Do you acknowledge the food you eat with gratitude?

Are you appreciative of the place in which you live?

Do you cherish the people you love and who love you?

Are you daily giving thanks for all you have given yourself?

Do you spend time and energy demonstrating the value of people and things?

Do you honor yourself each day for the choices you make?

Have you taken a look around you at how much more you have than billions of folks on the planet?

Being thankful energizes the innumerable gifts in our lives. 

Betty Lue

Gratitude everyday is the fastest way to stay healthy and happy and fulfilled!