Wednesday, January 31, 2024





I care for everyone as myself.

I live, love and learn because I care.

I dare to care and feel blessed by caring.

We are healed, when we care with trust and freedom.

Does Anybody Really Care?

Sometimes it hurts to care.

Sometimes it helps to care.

Sometimes we don’t know how to care.

Sometimes no one wants to care.

Caring is an essential human quality.

When we stop caring, we are numb.

When we stop caring, we feel separate.

When we stop caring. we stop helping.

When we stop caring about ourselves, we cannot care for others.

When we stop caring for ourselves, we need someone to care for us.

When we need someone to care for us, no one may know how to care.

When we leave caring to others, no one may be there to care.

Everyone needs to learn to care.

We learn to care by experiencing someone caring for us.

We learn to care by feeling how good it feels to care for someone.

We feel caring by giving care for others.

Let us care for the earth.

Let us care for the foods we eat.

Let us care for the animals.

Let us care for the trees, plants and flowers.

Let us care for the dawn and the sunset.

Let us care for the natural scents in the wind.

Let us care for the air we breathe.

Let us care for the environment we live in.

Let us care for kindness.

Let us care for doing good deeds.

Let us care for our words.

Let us care for sharing encouragement and gratitude,

Let us care to teach others how to care.

Let us share how loved we feel when others care.

Let us demonstrate our caring by treating everyone well.

Let us live our caring by always and only sharing the best we know.

When everyone gives their best, we all feel better.

When everyone cares their most, we all feel loved.

When everyone does good deeds, we all feel blessed.

When everyone cares, no one will be left out and alone.

I love you for caring,

Betty Lue

Life is for caring and sharing. 

When we care, we feel Alive  with Love.

When we share, we feel Good and True.

We are connected, when we Love.