Monday, December 25, 2023

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Light reveals what needs to heal.

I easily let go to remember what is real.

I trust in release, and find total peace,

I know what is mine to do and I do it with grace.

The Light Has Come!

Christmas is the celebration of the rebirth of Light.

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing.

Christmas is a reminder of our childlike innocence.

Christ mass is the recognition of our Inner Divinity.

“Christus” is a word for the Light within us.

Our Holiness and Wholeness is realized when we heal what is broken.

Humanity is the recognition of the Divinity within our humanness.

We are here to clear the mistakes and misperceptions and see the Light within.

Perhaps we have glimpses of what we could be, when we have forgiven.

Perhaps we see the simple generosity in the ways we seek to give to each other.

Perhaps we know the compassion of the saints, when we feel our connectedness.

And when we experience the miracles in the birth of a child, we remember.

Life is a miracle of Love.

Love is an innate Gift of Source.

Light shines the way for us to follow.

Joy is the great gift of Goodness we share.

We have so much worldly Good, we may lose our full appreciation of what is.

We have so much complexity in our living, we have lost our natural joy of being.

We have so much thinking and deciding, we have lost our willingness to let life be.

We have so much to get and take care of, we have lost our quiet stillness and peace.

So today, let us pause and reflect on how amazing our life is.

Right now, let us breathe and feel enlivened by the miracle of now.

In this time of Christmas Celebration, let us give our gratitude for remembering.

We can remember the Light within us and be fully grateful for Who We Are.

Winter offers time to conserve our energy.

In the quiet and darkness, may we pause to seek the Light.

In these times when there is need, let us ask for seeing the Good.

When there is separation, let us seek forgiveness and connection.

Bring the Light you are.

Share your Light with others.

Join for doing Good.

Celebrate Your Love of Life.

Loving you and all you are and do and give.

Betty Lue