Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Awaken and See



Full Moon today 12/26 at 4:33 PST


I live in Love and Love lives in me.

By the Grace of God, I am blessed with Gifts to be given.

Blessings abound for those who share Eternal gifts.

I forgive myself for any way I limit myself and my gifts.

Not Who We Seem To Be.

There is something more within us.

There is more coming through us.

There is more to know than what appears to be,

We are more than meets the eye. 

Look beyond the body and you can see.

The great mystery is unfolding now.

Awaken and see what cannot be seen.

Listen and you will know what is the underlying show.

See the invincible.

Seek the all-knowing.

Trust there is more to be revealed.

Heal with your heart and the mystery unfolds.

Breathe the Breath of Life into your body.

Speak the Words of Wisdom from your heart.

Know the Powerful Creator deep within you.

Trust the Divine Spark of Love that has created you.

You are the voice of healing.

You are the words of forgiveness.

You are the Love that remembers to be kind.

You are the presence of infinite wisdom in all minds.

Get reacquainted and you will awaken.

Rise up with new almighty  revelation.

Speak the works of celebrations.

And you will realize the touch of the Almighty.

Reveal your True Self to your self.

Stop concealing the Greatness and Graciousness within.

Live as the example where Real Love begins.

Give your heart and Mind to God and Goodness now.

The world we know seeks our jubilation.

The ones we know want only to be seen.

The caring we feel is wanting only to heal.

When we heal our minds, we all heal humankind.

This is our time to stop conforming to littleness and lack.

This is our time to take our victimization back.

These are the days we have come to see.

This is our time to set one another free to be.

What can we know but now it’s time it all show.

We can serve no one when we hide the Light.

Let’s claim our Divine Inheritance and remember All is possible.

Let us conceive and believe All Goodness and mercy for All.

See the Light with delight,

Betty Lue