Thursday, December 21, 2023

Light In The Darkness




I am here to live, love and be happy.

I am inspired as I inspire others.

I give the best I am to remind myself.

Life is awakened in me with giving.

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year.  

It is the darkest with the least daylight.

It is the time that our winter begins.

Time to conserve, hibernate and live simply.

So perhaps you wonder what is this time for you.

Maybe you are here to begin anew.

It is the celebration of light for many.

In the darkness, let us shine our light.

Life has many cycles and seasons.

Some we enjoy and celebrate.

Some we may fear and avoid.

Some we connect and learn.

However we choose to use this time, pay attention.

Whatever we do or don't do, be responsible for choosing.

Whenever we connect with others, share you own light.

Each one of us can provide light for those around us.

Allow the changes in energy and environment to awaken you.

Notice the times that inspire and encourage you.

Eliminate or modify what is uncomfortable or distracting.

Give your best to what you really want to be and experience.

We are at choice.

Turn up the light and delight.

Or turn down the light and despair.

Whatever we choose can be ours.

Be the Light in the Darkness.

Give what you have to those you encounter.

Enjoy the goodness and love we share.

Care with an open mind and compassionate heart.

You are the gift you bring to each moment.

Be thankful and receive all you give.

Live your best Self with the Love within you.

Make it all real by feeling the joy of the moment.

Take one day at a time.

And Live it well.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue