Saturday, November 11, 2023

Do No Harm!





I choose to do no harm to myself and others.

I love by living with respect for who I am and what I do.

I forgive myself for neglecting to take impeccable care of myself.

I am willing to take conscientious care of myself and all I have..

Do No Harm!

Are you doing harm to yourself?

Do your choices benefit you?

Are you doing no harm to your family?

Do your words do harm to those you love?

Do no harm to the environment and our earth.

Are you aware of what you are doing with your choices?

Do you take care of the place in which you live?

Do you value the air, water and earth you use?

Do no harm to your family.

Do you speak with kindness and respect to those you love?

Do you answer questions by listening and responding with attention?

Do you give yourself timeout to calm yourself and respond with clarity? 

Do not harm yourself and others with hurtful word and actions.

Speak with others as you want others to talk to you.

Eliminate cursing and name-calling and using accusations.

Learn to set the example of creative helpfulness with others.

When we live the example of “no harm”, we may recognize our own unconsciousness.

When we become more sensitive, we stop thinking, speaking and behaving in hurtful ways.

When we choose to do no harm to ourselves, we realize how we disregard our bodies and minds.

When we become aware of the need to be more conscientious, we hear our own lack of respect.

All of us can take better care of our bodies, our food and water consumption, and our exercise.

We can use our minds and words in ways that inspire and expand our thinking and interaction.

We can appreciate our home and take better care of the cleanliness and order in our everyday living.

We can utilize our finances in ways that promote our values and increase our security and enjoyment.

When we learn to do no harm, we stop complaining and whining.

When we learn to do no harm, we cease gossip and negative talk.

When we learn to do no harm, we respect what we have and its source.

When we choose to do no harm, we feel more appreciation of ourselves and our choices.

We begin to use our energy for doing what is good, what is right and true.

We use our words and positive prayers to speak of what is helpful.

Our thoughts, words and actions can demonstrate what is beneficial.

Everyone and everything is blessed when we are doing only what is good for all.

Let us all learn to do no harm to ourselves and one another.

Let us all remember to treat one another with respect toward everyone.

Let us all forgive the ways we have unconsciously been hurtful.

We can together be loving reminders for co-creative helpful world. 

Trusting us to live with kindness and respect.

Betty Lue


No guns, no killing, no hate!

He was drafted into WWII in infantry.

I was 2 and my baby brother 6 mos old.

On his way to front lines in box car the war ended!

Miracles happen.

My brother was drafted into Vietnam war.

War Chemicals caused Parkinson’s which disabled him!

War is cruel. Peace is healing..

Make Peace at home!