Friday, November 10, 2023

Choose Wisely!




I am choosing how to spend my time, energy and resources everyday.

I choose to do what inspires my inner peace and happiness.

Everything I think, say and do is a choice I make to teach.

I know what I want and I choose to support and sustain it.

Choose Wisely!

How do you make choices?

What do you use as your decision-making guideline?

Who do you choose to listen to for support?

How do you decide what is right and true for you?

Every decision you make gives you information.

What you decide and how you decide teaches you.

When you listen to others, it reflects their prejudice.

When you ask others for advice, you will receive what is true for them.

Life has various paths and options for each one of us.

There is no universal right way to choose.

There are myriad opportunities for learning.

We all are given ways to learn from failures and successes.

We can seek the outcome of more for ourselves.

We can align with those who choose what is right for them.

We can honor what is helpful to others and/or to ourselves.

We can go along and get along with those from whom we want approval.

We can listen to what others prefer.

We can listen to what fits for us.

We can choose what seems to be right.

We can choose what inspires and sustains us.

Life offers choices from which to learn.

Life offers opportunities to recognize how to decide.

Life teaches us through the outcomes of our choices.

We all can be more conscious and respectful of making choices.

Remember what you choose make a difference.

What you think, say and do is teaching everyone.

What you think and believe is making a difference.

What you say and do makes a difference in your life.

Use your words and actions with wisdom and recognize their impact,

Set your goals for what you would achieve and follow through to learn.

Be awake and aware of how you seek to love and care for yourself,

Trust your choices and change them when they do not work for you.

Life is our experimental and learning university.

This is our time to learn to make our own highest and best choices.

Learn from everyone and everything and listen to your inner guide.

Choose what is for the highest and best for all including yourself.

Appreciating you for choosing with wisdom and love.

Betty Lue