Friday, November 24, 2023

Enjoy It All!




I am enjoying the morning sun and the blue sky.

I am enjoying writing these loving reminders for you.

I enjoy what I have and do and share.

I enjoy the beauty and bounty in my life.

Be Glad and Rejoice!

Fill your life with Joy!

Do what you enjoy.

Have what you enjoy.

Give your life more joy.

Enjoy what you think.

Enjoy what you say.

Enjoy what you do.

Enjoy how you live.

Listen to your heart.

Follow your laugher.

Encourage what is good.

Share the best in you.

This is your time to enjoy.

Joy is your gift to your self.

Value what you choose.

Choose what you value.

Your Joy infuses others.

Your Joy inspires more Joy.

Your Joy shines your light.

 Your Joy lifts your life.

Be glad and rejoice.

Be grateful and enjoy it all.

Be happy and live well.

Be Joyful and share your Joy.

What you do today can fill you up.

What you do today can bring you down.

You can choose what inspires or depresses you.

You can change your thoughts and feelings too.

This and everyday is an opportunity to choose what is good for you.

Your enjoyment will be a gift to all those around you.

Your delight will encourage the same in your world.

Where you share your Joy all will benefit and be blessed.

Enjoy today.

I am inspired by and grateful for your joy.

Blessed be.

Betty Lue