Friday, October 27, 2023

You Are Needed




I give what I need to receive.

I honor others as I honor myself.

I listen within and respond with love.

I dare to care and receive the rewards.

Who Needs You?

Who needs your words of praise?

Who needs your smiling face?

Who needs your time to share?

Who needs someone to care?

Who needs you now?

Have you looked within your heart?

Have you asked which place to start?

Have you tried asking honestlyWho Needs me Now?”

I guarantee you are needed and loved.

I positively know you can save someone’s life.

I ask you to live and give the love within you.

I want you to look around and share what you know.

So many are hiding, lost and alone.

So many are hungry, hurting and afraid.

So many have forgotten the beauty within.

So many have withdrawn and fear to begin.

Are you sacrificing the gifts within you?

Do you even remember what it means to be true?

Do you dare to share what you have?

Are you able to look within and ask who needs you?

Saving someone's life in your lifetime is what you are here for.

Give your all to one person with generosity and joy.

Be all you can be in this moment and see the reward.

Stop withholding your love and find unlimited joy.

Recognize all you can be by filling a need.

There is no loss when you give and receive.

There is no cost when you know how gifts are received.

You are both giver and receiver, when you give with your heart.

  • Saying “thank you” is enough.
  • Being present when needed is enough.
  • Helping with kindness is enough.
  • Taking time for a smile is enough.
  • Sharing a meal is enough.
  • Joining in laughter is enough.
  • Writing a note received in the mail is enough.
  • Giving a wholehearted hug is enough.
  • Saying a faith-filled prayer is enough.

You already are all you seek to give and to be.

This is your time to listen to your heart.

Whoever calls you to care, give it now.

You will understand how much it means.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Life is for caring and sharing. 

When we care, we feel Alive  with Love.

When we share, we feel Good and True.

We are connected, when we Love.