Thursday, October 26, 2023

Be Your Best





I am willing to be the best in me.

I am open to give my best freely.

I am trusting my best can get better.

I am loving myself better when I am my best!

Why Not Be Your Best?

Let us all be our best.

There is only gain.

There is great reward.

There is always good.

Let us choose to do only good.

There is good report.

There is good favor.

There is a better world.

Let us listen to love.

There is love to guide us.

There is positive regard.

There is more safety for all.

Let us learn to forgive.

There is freedom to speak.

There is joy to share.

There is more love to care.

Let us live in peace.

There is more safety together.

There is more love forever.

There is more creativity for all.

Let us remember to give our best.

Let us see how we can live our best.

Let us join and inspire one another.

Let us return to the family of sisters and brothers.

You know how to be your best for those you want to impress.

You want to receive the best from others.

You may have neglected your best getting better.

You may have noticed not caring about your best.

Now is the time for the sake of ourselves.

We must awaken the best in us for the sake of others.

Forgive the laziness in less than the best.

Think, speak and act your best so you remember.

You inspire with your best.

You teach with your best.

You change others with your best.

You make the world better with your best.

Loving your best and mine.

Betty Lue