Thursday, October 19, 2023

Step Away!





I step away to remember Love.

I trust in the Power of Love.

I remember Love when I quiet my judging mind.

Love is the answer, whatever the question.

Step Away!

How do you find Love in the midst of judgment?

How do you trust in Love when you are afraid?

How do you remember to value when you are losing?

How do you learn when you are feeling foolish?

Life has many lessons which cannot be learned without inner peace.

We may be in relationships which hurt.

We may try to love when we are afraid.

We may be angry and cannot even see.

It is time to step away.

Find your center in the quiet.

Create space by being alone.

Take time to listen within.

Some need to live away from their parents.

Some need distance from their partners.

Some think best when separate from others.

Some feel better when they are alone.

What do you need to feel Love?

What do you do to find inner peace?

How do you see things differently?

Is it time to step away to find solace?

Sanctuary offers the opportunity to heal.

Separation gives space to see things differently.

Distance can offer time to forgive.

Releasing the past is key to looking again.

Take space from the problem and it may disappear.

Stop the emotional bleeding and heal the wound.

Give yourself the sensitivity and respect you deserve.

Be willing to comfort and console yourself to seek the high ground.

There are many ways to resolve conflict.

There are infinite possibilities to heal.

There are numerous choices to make daily.

But always find what brings peace to you.

You know yourself better than anyone.

Give yourself the Love and wisdom you want.

Trust in the intuition and guidance of your heart.

Believe in the power of healing prayer and love.

You hold the key to your life fulfillment.

You know what is the calling of your heart.

You can behold your idea life choices.

This is your time to choose what is best for you.

Love yourself well today and everyday in every way.

Betty Lue