Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Love Is Letting Go!




I am grateful for this day and everyday.

Love is the gratitude I share with others and myself.

I see my life as a continuous teacher of Love.

I let go of fear to fully recognize the Gift of Life.

Love Is Letting Go of Fear!

This is a time to let go.

Dropping beliefs opens the way to find new meaning in life.

Letting go of rules and programs, addictions and attachments, discloses what is lasting.

Seeing the goodness and beauty in all things renews our Spirit and our joy.

Autumn is the time when we observe our “Thanks” giving and our gratitude.

What are we seeing when we assume things will always be good?

What are we doing when we take for granted what we have?

It is time we look deeply and see what has real meaning for us.

Life transforms itself with coming and going in many phases.

We may not notice how rich and full our life is everyday.

The wakeup call is to be grateful for the comfort and good we have.

We can want for more, but perhaps we have too much to appreciate.

When we seem to lose, we often are awakened to value what is valuable.

When we neglect our gratitude, we may become numb to our joy.

When we sit in our comfort zone, we may take for granted our Good.

While we may grieve letting go, we can awaken to value our lasting treasures.

Love is letting go of fear.

Love is remembering to trust.

Love is allowing the relinquishment of attachment.

Love is trusting in the power of loving, no matter what.

We can talk about love, but do we live in love?

We can focus on getting love, but do we truly give that Love?

Are we attached to “getting what we want” and neglect "giving what we have"?

Are we addicted to have our every need met from someone, but lazy in giving to ourselves?

Perhaps this is the time we wait on no one, and align with the One we are.

Perhaps we are waking up to the “grand giver within" who is always there to provide and protect.

Perhaps we are called upon to stop our dependency on another and need to find our dependence on Love.

Perhaps there is a connection with the Higher Power, the God and Good within us, that we must acquire.

Can you encourage the love within you when you are satisfied?

Do you appreciate how much you have and do and are?

Are you assuming what you want will always be available?

Do you trust that life sustains and protects you during trying times?

Let go of lazy and unconscious ways.

Enliven yourself without trial and tribulation.

Encourage your gratitude everyday during good times.

Be willing to live in that Love and Gratitude with Wisdom and Grace.

Life is our teacher. 

Love is the lesson.  

Joy is our reward.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue