Sunday, September 03, 2023

Work For Love






I love to work.

I work for the Joy of Loving. 

I dedicate my work to Love.

I receive the Love I give.

Work for Love.

Most work for money.

Some work for duty.

Others work for security.

What do you work for?

The purpose for which you work determines the goals you seek to achieve.

The experiences you  have in working come from the thoughts you hold.

The energy expended in working comes from the focus you have.

Your work outcome will be prospered or diminished by your thoughts.

I work for Love.

Joy is my reward.

My energy is replenished.

My life is enhanced.

Work can be fun, safe and easy and fulfilling.

My attitude is positive when I work for Love.

I learn from everything and everyone when I am enjoying what I do

I regain new life from giving my all, because of the abundance I receive.

Sing when you work.

Give thanks when you work.

Listen within when you work.

Recognize you serve when you work.

What benefits you will benefit others.

What prospers you will prosper others.

What is good for you will give to others.

As you give to yourself, you are giving to others.

What do you work for?

Do you really work for money?

How does your money work for you?

Do you work for more than the paycheck?

Change your mind and see what money brings you and your family!

What does your work bring to your future?

What does your work bring to your health and happiness?

Don’t waste your time, energy or money!

Use the money you earn for higher purposes.

Stop wasting money on addictions and attractions.

Start spending on true enjoyment, learning and inspiration.

Be conscious of how you spend the money you earn.

I work for Love.

I spend on Love.

I contribute Love.

Love is how I live and give and learn.

Loving you and all you do for Love! 

Betty Lue