Saturday, September 02, 2023

Seek Good and You Shall Find!





I seek and find what is good in us all.

I allow everyone, including myself, to find what is good and whole and loving.

Life teaches me to seek and find what I really want.

I choose to look for the best in everyone.

What Do You Seek?

Seek what is good.

Seek what is loving.

Seek what is helpful.

Seek what is highest and best for all.

When you want what is good for you, ask for what is good for all.

Always seek what benefits others and you will be benefitted.

Ask for what makes the world a better place, and your life will be better.

Seek and find what will work, what makes sense, what is truly helpful.

Life for your self alone will be lacking.

Life for your self alone will feel lonely.

Life for you only cannot compare with life for us all.

Seek out what will make the biggest difference to all around you.

Consider what you can do to make others thrive and you will enhance your own life.

Turn your life into what helps others and you will be truly helpful to yourself.

Attend to what is of service to others and you will be serving humanity.

Serving others is the greatest gift you can give to yourself for all time.

Be willing to be truly helpful.

Be willing to share the love within you.

Be willing to contribute to the joy in your family, workplace and home.

Be open and willing to give your best to all you encounter.

In others’  love, you will feel your own.

In their happiness, you will find your own.

In their peace, you will feel content.

As we are generous in sharing, we prosper with the blessings.

There is more than enough for us all.

When we withhold, we diminish for all.

When we distrust, we foster suspicion.

When we share our best, we realize the endless supply.

Time to love for the sake of loving.

Time to enjoy for the expansion of joy.

Time to be free to encourage our freedom.

Time to be honest to teach honesty to all.

What you do, say and think is teaching.

What you hold in your mind creates more of that kind.

You are showing others what they can copy and expect.

Give them your best and you will demonstrate the good in us all.

Loving you in seeking and finding all Good within you.

Betty Lue