Thursday, September 28, 2023

What Works?




I believe Love prevails.

I trust in the power of Love.

I have faith that we can heal.

I relinquish doubt and fear and have faith in our future.

What Works?

What helps?

What heals?

What feel good?

What makes life better?

Love works.

Love always works in its many forms.

Try whatever feels best to you.

If you are extending love anywhere to anyone, all will benefit.

What you believe in works.

What you trust and have faith in will work.

How you think, speak and activate works.

You are working for you now when you give total focus.

What interferes is doubt.

What is contrary to our desired outcome interferes.

Where we put our attention and intention will work.

When we trust and believe in what we want, we will succeed.

Consider how to erase doubt and fear.

Understand how to clear what is interfering.

Use your higher thoughts to undo what is in the way.

Allow your thoughts, feelings and behavior to focus on what you desire.

How does “love” work for you?

Love envisions goodness and wholeness.

Love extends gratitude for all good and only good.

Love brings peace and healing to the mind and body.

Love reminds us of our highest choice.

Love releases the anxiety and uncertainty. 

Love has faith in the future.

Love brings peace as our peace to all concerned.

Peace heals minds and bodies.

Peace clears the doubt and fear.

Peace undoes the thoughts of lack, littleness ad limitation.

Peace trusts in what is Good for all.

Faith feels good.

Trust eliminates doubt.

Offering love to others clears the uncertainty.

Remember to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and always remember Goodness prevails.

Loving us all with trust and faith in our future.

Betty Lue