Friday, September 29, 2023

Enjoy Right Now




I pause and breathe and appreciate the beauty in life.

I forgive myself for missing all the Good there is.

I relinquish focus on what is needed and see all I have now.

I take time to take good care of what really matters.

Moving Too Fast?

Are you moving too fast to enjoy your life?

Did you miss the sunset?

Did you stop to listen?

Are you available to say “thanks”?

When did you stop to notice?

Are you observing the changes?

Do you wish you had stayed longer?

Have you hugged and smiled at your kids?

Do you stop to take a deep breath?

Are you willing to rest when you need?

Do you go to sleep early and wake up refreshed?

Do you value your time and energy and helpfulness?

Do you appreciate your surroundings?

Do you take good care of your environment?

Are you aware of those who appreciate you?

Do you honor your values and ethics everyday?

Are you a conscious caretaker of our earth?

Do you spend and save your money for good purposes?

Are you willing to stop and apologize when you make a mistake?

Do you ask for forgiveness for any unconscious interaction?

Do you take impeccable care of your body?

Are you quick to judge and slow to complement?

Do you honestly love and appreciate yourself?

Are you aware of the blessings in your everyday life?

Sometimes we move too fast to notice.

Sometimes our ‘to do’ list is too long.

Sometime we are focused on what isn’t done.

Sometimes we are too quick to criticize.

Maybe it is time to slow down.

Maybe we can take long deep breaths.

Maybe we can learn to say “Thank you.”

Maybe we can remember to love everyday.

It will save our lives to take our time to be our best.

Give yourself the gift of taking time today.

Loving all of us as we remember to love our selves.

You deserve to take some time for the best you know.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue