Sunday, September 10, 2023

Show You Care!





I listen, pray, and help when I hear and feel a need.

I care about each one for they are my human family.

I know I have much to share and show I care.

I respect and appreciate every opportunity to care and share.

Do You Really Care?

How do you show you care?

Does anyone know you care?

Are you afraid to show your caring?

Are you denying what you really feel?

It is time we all let our caring show.

It seems like no one wants to let out their true feelings.

It may seem to you like no one is there for you.

Your family may be too busy to let you know they care.

Do you wait until there is a disaster to volunteer to help?

Are you too busy to let others know you are there for them?

Have you denied your compassion for others?

Are you protecting your time, your money and your love?

It is time to be available for what you believe in.

It is time to do what you know needs to be done.

It is time to give your best and inspire others to give, too.

It is time to reach out with love as your would want others to do for you.

We are all here together on this planet and in our homes.

We all share the same air we breath and earth we inhabit.

We have arrived at the same time to experience the same stuff.

We know we all need one another for food, water, education and services.

What we need is to feel safe and secure.

What we all need is to share what we have.

What we can do is care with the ways we live.

What we are called to give is our best to everyone.

When we stop caring, we begin to isolate.

When we withhold our caring, we stop sharing.

When we don’t care, we stop trusting one another.

When we don't trust, we cannot  trust ourselves.

What a sad, separate and empty life, when we stop caring!

We must step up our choices to make things better for all.

We must speak up for the good of all concerned in our world.

We must reach up to our own highest expectations and abilities.

Now is our time to do what is needed.

Let us care for one another.

Let us share only our best.

I do, because I care about YOU!

I care about YOU!

Betty Lue